December 2006 | Northern Southeast Exclusive Edition


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Whale’s Eye Lodge

A Swing through Southeast Dave Atcheson makes his yearly pilgrimage to the “Rain Country” of Southeast and brings back great memories of a lush wonderland laced with spectacular fishing.



by Doug Wilson

The northern gateway to southeast Alaska, Haines offers up great fishing, bear watching and eagle viewing.

The New Flight-Fishers 

by Terry W. Sheely

Half-day escapes to wilderness angling from Juneau in all directions. Small planes get you to the unexplored and exciting streams filled with fish.

Juneau Part 1 

by J.D. Richey and Khevin Mellegers

Fish Alaska sent J.D. Richey and Khevin Mellegers to cast a line everywhere they could in 7 days in and around Juneau. In Part One they explore Icy Strait and Angoon. Salt and freshwater offer lots of action.

Juneau, Juneau, Part 2 

by Richey and Mellegers

Richey and Mellegers rented a car in Alaska’s capital city and fished every opportunity for 3 days. Here is exactly where and how they caught lots of fish.

The Halibut of Chatham Strait 

by Chris Shaffer

Chris Shaffer explores the bottom of Chatham Strait for big and abundant flatfish.

COVER / These Quillback rockfish are poisonous. Be careful of their spikes! © J.D. Richey