December 2009 | All Kodiak Fishing Special Issue


Editor’s Creel 8

Alaska Traveler 10

Fishing for a Compliment 12

Haugen’s Tackle Tech 18

Salmon Sense 22

Reading Rivers 26

Fish Alaska Recipe 76

Roasted Salmon with Moosetard

Advertiser Index 78

Final Drift 82

Fish Alaska Special

The Kings of Kodiak 28

FA Editor Troy Letherman wonders how a guy like him gets to fish in a place like this. With a wide swath of literary water, some beautiful flies and cooperative chinook salmon he ponders the beautiful Ayakulik River.


Fish Alaska Travel: Surf’s UP, Dude!

by JD Richey 

Kodiak’s road system is limited, but it does take you to some of the finest surf fishing in the world. Join JD Richey in his quest for the perfect wave.

Finding Refuge on the Rock

by Marcus Weiner 

Publisher Marcus Weiner makes a memorable visit to Old Harbor, Kodiak Island. Fishing and hunting provide this community with their grocery store. Let’s go shopping!

Larsen Bay

by Melissa Norris 

Splendid Larsen Bay and a stay at the Kodiak Island Resort is just what the doctor ordered for Publisher Melissa Norris and crew.

Living the Dream

by Andrew Cremata 

Wilderness Beach Lodge in Port Lions is the destination of choice for Andrew Cremata. You’ll see why right away when you read this Emerald Island adventure.

Working for Afognak Silvers 

by Tom Watson 

Tom Watson had to work soooooo hard to catch these beautiful, oversized silvers. Here’s how he did it, and how you can, too!

COVER/A fine Kodiak fall day. © Marcus Weiner Inset: Halibut can get bigger than people on Kodiak. © Master Guide Brian Peterson