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Cover: Captain Roby Medina with a beast of a lingcod that was landed and gently released. © Brian Woobank




New Friends in Old Places by Marcus Weiner

Fish Alaska Publisher Marcus Weiner, Brian Woobank and Kirk Studebaker took a trip to Klawock on Prince of Wales Island this summer to fish saltwater. There they met up with charter captain Roby Medina, a lifelong resident of Klawock. Numerous fish were caught, old friendships were strengthened, and a great, new friendship was kindled.



Preparing for Fly-outs

by Scott Haugen

Some of the most amazing fishing opportunities in Alaska are reached by flying out to remote areas, well off the road system. Such trips are often planned far in advance. If you’ve never done it, you may not know where to begin. Scott’s article will help get you up to speed.




Fishing Alaska—A True Chapter Book by Troy Buzalsky

An angler could spend a lifetime in Alaska and not fish all its waters. Fortunately, many Fish Alaska writers have traveled throughout the state and their cumulative experience is regularly shared in the pages of Fish Alaska. Troy Buzalsky is one of them, and in this article, he shares five chapters of experience from the Kenai Peninsula, around Ketchikan, Yakutat, Prince William Sound, and Kodiak.




New Water by Andrew Cremata

Whether you’re vacationing in Alaska or have lived here for years, there will always be plenty of “new water” to explore. Skagway Mayor Andrew Cremata wrote this feature to help you develop the explorer’s mindset necessary to help you succeed on new water.