February 2007 | 2007 Travel Issue Part 2


Editor’s Creel 6

Alaska Traveler 8

Fishing for a Compliment 10

Advertiser Index 74

Haugen’s Gear Guide 76

Recipe 80

Jalapeno Olympia Halibut

from Pipers Restaurant

Final Drift 82

My Alaska 14

Acclaimed Alaskan author Seth Kantner brings the “real Alaska” into view in this essay of life on the “last frontier.”


Postcards from Walker Lake 

by Tyler Klaes

Tropical-looking islands surrounded by crystal clear waters near the Arctic Circle? Big fish, too. Hard to believe, but true! Here’s how to get to this idyllic spot.

Nushagak Challenge 

by FA Publisher Marcus Weiner

Fishing and great fun with the North to Alaska crew at Bristol Bay Adventures on the Nushagak River.


by Terry W. Sheely

Great fish stories and a real ugly hook-set are hidden in this cruise ship destination for Terry W. Sheely.

Two Days at Grosvenor 

by Troy Letherman

FA editor Troy Letherman spends two magnificent days at the godfather of lodges and catches a tremendous variety of fish.

Wrangell on My Mind 

by Doug Wilson

Doug Wilson continues his Southeast reporting with his “third time’s the charm” and 39th trip to Alaska. Salt and fresh waters get thrashed in this adventure.

Ice Rigs 

by George Krumm

Southcentral produces some trophy ice-fishing. George Krumm has explored all the gear and here are his recommendations.

Powder Coating Jig Heads 

by Dave Kilhefner

Dave Kilhefner powder coats his jig heads for durability and perfect color. Here’s how.

COVER / Larry Csonka and Audrey Bradshaw, hosts of Napa’s North to Alaska. © Marcus Weiner