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Fish Alaska Safety: Aviation Safety Gear

by Melissa Norris

Part 2 of a 6 part series on safety in Alaska. Publisher Melissa Norris gears up for the unexpected and provides tips on what you can carry with you that might just save your life.

Fish Alaska Fly: Mr. Hanky’s Stinger Mouse 

by Jeffery Hickman

A cross between a flesh-fly and a mouse, this wild Jeffery Hickman special puts on the bite.


by Rene Limeres

Rene Limeres shows you the top 9 mouse imitations that drive Alaska trout nuts!

Fish Alaska Travel: Western Alaska 

by Troy Letherman, Photographer Dusan Smetana

Photographer Dusan Smetana and FA Editor Troy Letherman expose the beauties of this wild and wet country (and do a bit of fishing, of course).

Ketchikan’s Beacon Hill 

by Andrew Cremata

Andrew Cremata explores the lush bounty of this southeast fishing haven while being treated like a king – or at least one of the family.

Cordova’s Roadside Coho 

by JD Richey

JD Richey plies the Cordova roadways for fishing opportunities even when the water is at its worst, and still comes up a winner!

The Holy Grail(ling) of Chena 

by Bruce Leonard

Bruce Leonard seeks the ultimate in relaxation fishing for grayling on the Chena River near Fairbanks.

Fish Alaska‘s Reader Recipe Contest Results for 2007

And the winner is . . . tasty results and recipes from our annual contest. Check out the prizes for the 2008 contest, get busy and enter your favorite fish dish!