February 2020


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A Game Changer
by Rick Birch 36

Long-range, overnight charters on the Alaska saltchuck are an extremely efficient way to fill a freezer or two with halibut, a variety of rockfish, lingcod, and salmon. Rick Birch explains that such trips are a great way to reconnect with family and friends, as well as make new ones along the way.

Rising to the Top
by Marcus Weiner 44

Publishers Melissa Norris and Marcus Weiner (sister and brother) teamed up to tackle rainbows, Dolly Varden char, grayling and sockeye in the Wood-Tikchik watershed out of Alaska’s Bearclaw Lodge last July. Large numbers of rainbows and grayling fell to dry flies on the Agulowak and Agulukpak rivers, as well as bead-eating dollies on Sunshine Creek.

Big Fish Are a Gift
by John Cleveland 52

The Naknek is a tremendous trophy rainbow trout fishery, and Bear Trail Lodge is a bright, shining star overlooking the river. John Cleveland spent a week there in early fall to do battle with the Naknek’s legendary rainbows, as well as a trip to Brooks Camp to fish among the bears.

A Life of Service
by Andrew Cremata 60

American wounded veterans have sacrificed for the rest of us in ways most can’t fathom.  Andrew Cremata participated in a Wounded Warriors event in Sitka to enjoy fishing with some of America’s finest.


COVER / This Agulukpak rainbow was caught on a nymph and was one of many on this perfect July day. © Melissa Norris

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