July 2013 | Summer of Salmon

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One-Stop Kings

by Scott Haugen

If you know the structure of a salmon hole, patience and persistence may be all that’s needed for king salmon success, and here Scott Haugen relates the common types of river settings occupied by kings—and how to go about catching them in each.

Topwater Fun for Salmon 

by JD Richey

While most salmon-fishing tactics center on getting your gear down as quickly as possible, Fish Alaska contributing editor JD Richey takes a different tack and focuses on enticing fresh fish to strike up top.

Playing in the Pike Ponds

by Cecilia “Pudge” Kleinkauf

If you’re looking for some variety in your summer angling, consider venturing into the pike ponds of southcentral and interior Alaska, where the water wolf provides consistently aggressive action.

A Journey to Wood-Tikchik 

by Dave Atcheson

Surrounded by the world-renowned fisheries of Bristol Bay, Alaska’s best-kept secret may be the fantastic fishing and authentic wilderness experience to be found in America’s largest state park.

Wild Alaska Fish-in

by Terry Sheely

Contributing editor Terry Sheely catches the afternoon floatplane shuttle to a wild Alaska fish-in at points across Southeast, discovering that both seclusion and outstanding fishing is always just a short hop away.

Tangle Lakes Walk-in

by Steve Meyer

Steve Meyer ventures north to the Richardson Highway and finds steady fly-fishing action, as well as prime camping opportunities, available to anyone willing to hike a few miles from the road.

COVER / Fresh silver caught in the saltwater around Prince of Wales Island. © Marcus Weiner