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July 2019
Salmon of All Species + Summer Angling


Fish Alaska July 2019 magazine cover

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Little Plugs for Big Kings
by JD Richey 44

Large, banana-shaped plugs like the K16 Kwikfish, T-60 Flatfish and Hawg Nose Flatfish have been mainstays of the Alaska king scene for many years. However, despite prevalent opinion, bigger ain’t always better. In certain situations, puny plugs often work better than their larger relatives.

Twitching Jigs for Coho
by Scott Haugen 52

Twitching jigs is one of the most effective methods for taking silvers in freshwater. In this how-to feature, Scott Haugen shares his knowledge on what gear to use, how to rig it, and how to execute the twitching technique.

Silver Mettle
by Andrew Cremata 60

Skagway and Haines are technically on the road system, but it’s a mighty long road to get there. Both have road-accessible coho in the fall, in some of the most breathtaking natural terrain in the world.

Clarence Strait
by Terry Sheely 68

According to Terry, Clarence Strait is the underappreciated, underfished, sleeping giant of Prince of Wales Island that you’ll never forget. Opportunities abound in the Strait for salmon, and the bottomfishing opportunities are plentiful as well.

Beyond the Classic Swing
by E. Donnall Thomas, Jr. 76

In this feature, Don Thomas shares his experience targeting silvers with the long rod, both in freshwater and saltwater. The situation often dictates technique, and Don describes a few fly-rod coho techniques applicable to unique situations.


COVER / Kanoa Wong, son of Fish Alaska’s super talented Melissa ‘Mele’ Wong, with a silver salmon he caught while fishing in Seward during summer 2018. © Melissa Wong

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