June 2011 | Saltwater Fishing

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Fish Alaska Travel: Yakutat Salt

by Gary Lewis

Join Gary Lewis as he traipses into the muskeg for a legendary fish, catches cod from the bank and prospects the shallows off Point Carrew for halibut in the lee of the storm.

Pybus Point

by Stan Cunninghma

The remote Southeast experience is epitomized at Pybus Point. With overcast skies and glassy waters, Stan Cunningham gets to the heart of the matter with this saltwater expedition.

Fish Alaska Saltwater: Light Tackle Halibut

by JD Richey

JD Richey loves to fish for big critters with tiny tackle. The fight is on with these big halibut, using salmon gear and an arsenal of jigging spoons that imitate baitfish.

Fish Alaska Technique: Slinging Hardware for Silvers

by Scott Haugen

Aggressive, abundant and easily targeted with hardware this time of year, silver salmon start their peak runs now and Scott Haugen shows you what to fish with and how to.

Halibut in the Shallows

by Joe Byers

Joe Byers had heard of catching big halibut in shallow water, but here is proof that the best action in the salt may be right under your boat . . . and if the water is clear enoughyou might even get to watch!

COVER/Pybus Point gives up a yelloweye rockfish. Photo © Stan Cunningham