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Curing Eggs with Borax by Dave Kilhefner
Take another look at this old-school but still highly productive egg-cure method in this month’s Tacklecrafter, and start preparing to cure the baits to bring home your limits later this summer.

Be the Best Stick on the Boat by Gary Lewis
If you’re looking to be the hot rod this year on your annual charter, then read and follow these 10 tips gathered from longtime Alaska saltwater fishermen.

Never Cry Halibut by Bjorn Dihle
From early days on the family boat through his commercial-fishing ventures and back to the sport side again, Bjorn Dihle recounts his journey as a member of the flatfish faithful.

Targeting Trophy Halibut by Capt. Randy Wells
Veteran halibut captain Randy Wells explains the huge benefits to be gained by the timely use of big baits and a halibut scent bomb when targeting wall-hangers.

Kodiak: Hot Fishing on the Beaten Path by Terry Sheely
Midsummer is the time for five days of fresh- and saltwater fishing, exploring, floating, riding, wading and grinning for nomadic angler Terry Sheely, who encounters the best of what Kodiak Island has to offer.

Beyond Freshwater: Fly Rods at Sea by E. Donnall Thomas
A comprehensive guide to taking to the bluewater for the multitude of species that inhabit our reaches of the North Pacific. From tossing flies for cutthroat trout to chasing monster lingcod, it’s covered here.

How to Fillet a Salmon by Dan Bonney
Take a gander at this filleting method for salmon that will produce quality fillets as quickly as possible without having to gut the fish, making it efficient and also helping reduce handling.

Keep Clean for Kings by Scott Haugen
Knowing the fish we pursue are so scent-sensitive, contributing editor Scott Haugen offers more than a dozen basic steps anglers can take to maintain a clean, and hopefully more productive, fishing atmosphere.

COVER/ Bjorn Dihle and crack halibut angler MC Martin decide the right time to ‘cry halibut’ is after the fish has hit the deck. ©Bjorn Dihle