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New Gear for 2008 
Some of the best recommendations for the “Gotta Have Gear” of 2008.

Editors’ Choice Awards
The best Fish Alaska magazine gear from our 2007 field tests. Here is the “Right Stuff”‘ that does the job in tough Alaska fishing conditions.


Fish Alaska Fly: PFD Emerger 

Scott Sanchez ties a humdinger of a trout-getter using unusual materials (to say the least!).

Fish Alaska All-Tackle: TackleCrafter Blackened Brass 

Dave Kilhefner blackens some brass spinners for outstanding results.

Halibut for Humanity

Travel to Prince William Sound with Capt. Tat Tatterson for some freezer-filling Halibutology.

Fishing with Kids

Challenging, fun, exciting-just get them hooked early on the right ways to fish and they’ll enjoy a lifetime of fishing. Join Chris Lundgren for some insights into how to get your kids fishing for life.

Reel Wilderness-Wood-Tikchik

Pudge Kleinkauf takes you out for a captivating day in the fishing paradise of the largest state park in America.

Fish Alaska Safety: Part 3 in Series: Boating Safety

Boating is a big part of fishing in Alaska. Joe McCullough offers some helpful tips and techniques to make your experience more enjoyable (and safer, too).