May 2010 | Chinook Tactics and Techniques

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Editor’s Creel 6

Alaska Traveler 10

Fishing for a Compliment 12

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Salmon Sense 22

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Fish Alaska Recipe 84

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Fish Alaska Special

The Art of Color Management

by Larry LaRue 78

Custom-painted spinners, plugs, wobblers and flashers are the passion of Larry LaRue. With science backing his color choices and designs, he creates works of art that really drive fish crazy. Story by Troy A. Buzalsky


Fish Alaska Fly: The Evolution of Fur, Feathers & Flash

by John Rantz

The “next step” in feathers and fur brings John Rantz to the salmon “plug” fly which he fishes with great success.

Fish Alaska All-Tackle: Comprehensive King Techniques

by Scott Haugen

Increase your success for the mighty Alaska king salmon with this compendium of techniques from author and guide, Scott Haugen.

Kenai Kings

by Greg Brush

Explore the good, the bad and the ugly of Alaska’s most famous salmon river with veteran guide Greg Brush.

Backtrolling for River Salmon

by JD Richey

JD Richey brings on the details of this very useful river technique. Plugs and how to fish them most effectively.

Fish Alaska Travel: A Tale of Two Lodges in Elfin Cove

by Stan Cunningham

Southeast Alaska offers up it’s most quaint village on Chichagof island. Surrounded by some of the best saltwater fishing you could ever experience. Join Stan Cunningham as he and a crew haul in a 342-pound halibut and share the excitement of this beautiful destination.

COVER/ Cheryl Kindwall with a nice Kenai king. © Cheryl Kindwall