May 2012 | King Me!

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Editor’s Creel 6

Alaska Traveler 8

Gear Bag 10

Fishing for a Compliment 12

Tackle Tech 16

Salmon Sense 18

EZ Limits: A Guide’s Angle 20

Fish Alaska Fly 22

Fish Alaska Boats 24

Fish Alaska Saltwater 30

Fish Alaska Stillwater 32

Tight Lines 34

Fish Alaska Recipe 78

Advertiser Index 80

Final Drift 82


Tune Your Plugs

by John Rantz

Guiding you through the process of keeping these proven king slayers in tune, John Rantz tells you how to make sure your plugs are running true.

Stern Anchoring

by Dave Greiner

Captain Dave Greiner illustrates the lost art of stern anchoring.

The Salt Kings 

by Captain Tat Tatterson

Tactics and techniques for taking the kings of the salt, from Captain Tat Tatterson.

Alaska’s Best King Rivers 

by Troy Letherman

With North America’s strongest returns, Alaska offers myriad opportunities for targeting Chinook; learn where and when to go as the runs come in this summer.

King Timing & Techniques

by JD Richey

Contributing editor J.D. Richey educates us in some of the best tactics for targeting kings in some of Alaska’s most well known locales.

Pilgrim’s Guide to Fish Processing

by Dan Bonney

The catch is on the bank—now what?  Dan Bonney takes us through the next steps to ensuring your fillets remain fresh and succulent when they hit the table.