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May 2019
All Things Kings 2019

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Dragging for Kings
by JD Richey 46

Whether on the Kenai, Togiak, or Nushagak, there are times when no technique is more effective than boondogging, sometimes called dragging. JD Richey explains the when, where, and how to drag for Chinook in larger river systems.

On My Father’s Shoulders
by Dan Fisher 54

Some of most anglers’ fondest memories involve fishing with their fathers. At times, nothing else matters, and as Dan describes in this story, “It’s the glow the sun leaves on the water right at that magical hour before dusk, just the two of us sharing our trip of a lifetime together.”

Is Catch-and-Release Catching on?
by Mark Wackler 64

From the late 1900s through the early 2000s, pictures of anglers holding big, wild, dead kings helped drive the sportfishing industry in Alaska. But the times, they are a-changin’, as people have begun to realize that there is not an unlimited supply of giant kings. What’s more, survival rate of released kings in rivers has been proven to be very high, making them great candidates for catch-and-release. More and more, knowledgeable anglers are choosing to release big, wild king salmon so that they may spawn and perpetuate the species.

Homer Winter King Derby
by Al Noraker 74

Al Noraker fishes in the Homer Winter King Derby for the first time and the experience is all the more sweet since he was joined by his son, daughter-in-law, and two grand daughters on the family boat.

Fish Alaska Guide to Kings
by Terry Sheely 82

King runs are down all along the west coast from California to Alaska, but hey, Alaska’s a big place, and even during down years you can bet that there will be some places in Alaska where king fishing will be much better than anyplace else on the west coast. Terry Sheely explains the locations and opportunities that promise good Chinook fishing in 2019, as well as those that don’t.


Bear Safety
by Melissa Norris 42

Melissa Norris participated in the two-day bear safety course taught by Accurate Advantage and she came away with valuable knowledge on how to be bear safe, and how to defend oneself in the event of an attack.



COVER / Guide Jeff Moore of Wet ‘n Wild Alaska Fishing and angler Tobias Hindman of Iowa teamed up to catch-and-release this dandy Kenai king last July. Tobias is the winner of the 2018 Fish For The Future photo contest for Youth Angler of the Year as an added bonus!. © Jeff Moore

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