October / November 2008 | Fall Catch-All Issue


Editor’s Creel 6

Alaska Traveler 10

Fishing for a Compliment 16

Haugen’s Tackle Tech 24

Richey’s Salmon Sense 26

Advertiser Index 78

Fish Alaska Recipe 80

Final Drift 82

Fish Alaska Special

Cold Weather Injuries 

by Joe Knight

An idyllic day. Cool, beautiful, good fishing – or not. But what happens when it really cools off? Are you prepared for Cold Weather Injuries? Expert Joe Knight provides some first-class advice and first aid for preventing and treating CWIs.

2008 Derby Results

All the derby winners available at press time. See who won, how big their fish was and where they caught it.


by David Vickery

An 11-year-old’s introduction to the trials and tribulations of fly fishing Alaska with his dad.

Fish Alaska Fly: Loop Wing Sculpin 

by Scott Sanchez

Scott Sanchez ties up a major trout food baitfish pattern that is simple, nice-looking, and takes very little effort.

Catch & Release 

by Pudge Kleinkauf

Do it the right way. Here are tips and techniques for helping your catch back to the water in a healthy way. Pudge Kleinkauf shows you how.

Fishing Alaska’s Autumn

by Jerry Wylie

Jerry Wylie spends some time on the upper Kenai with trophy rainbows and char during the sweeping change that is Alaska’s autumn.

Fish Alaska Travel: In Search of the Holy Grayling 

by Darryl Quidort

Though the fish look like they should be in an aquarium somewhere, it is truly the places they inhabit that are the attraction for Darryl Quidort.

Steak & Eggs 

by E. Donnall Thomas, Jr.

Breakfast? Not exactly. E. Donnall Thomas, Jr. flings egg flies at rainbows with spectacular results.

COVER / Katmai’s rainbows are spectacular in size and beauty. © Barry & Cathy Beck