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In the dead of winter in Alaska temperatures range from barely tolerable to sunny and warm. Being prepared with the right gear is crucial. The staff of Fish Alaska suffered the conditions to bring you these recommendations. 


Fish Alaska Hardwater: Ice Shack 

by Jehn and Butch Ehmann

Alaskan icefishers Jehn and Butch Ehmann build an ice fishing castle. Here are their recommendations and illustrations that will help you build your own.

Techniques for Trophies

by George Krumm

George Krumm is at home on the ice and has developed some incredible techniques that bring in those trophy-size fish. Here are tips, techniques and a demonstration of how to release these spectacular fish properly.

Straight Flush

by Christine Cunningham

How Christine Cunningham overcame the odds and finished with a fabulous “Straight Flush” in the 14th Annual Soldotna Trustworthy Ice Fishing Derby.

Ice Fishing Mat-Su

by Andy Couch

With years of experience, Andy Couch explores the hardwater of the Mat-Su. Beautiful days and lots of fish add up to zillions of options.

As You Pike It

by Troy Letherman

Tip-ups in place, lines in the water, lures and bait dangling. Pike are here in huge numbers (and of some size, as well). Join Fish Alaska editor Troy Letherman on a Pike Day Out.

COVER/Jehnifer Ehmann poses with her spectacular laker. Photo © Butch Ehmann