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Each year we put out a two-part spread of gift ideas for anglers. Here’s some of what we are excited about for 2015. 


Ice Fishing 101
by Scott Haugen 34

Putting together a list from decades of experience, combined with things learned from Alaska experts, Scott Haugen presents what he considers to be the essentials of ice fishing. This is your one-stop guide for what it takes to get started.

Finesse Jigging Tactics
by Tom Gruenwald 40

Discriminating ice anglers have begun using some highly specialized equipment and acute tactics to tempt and feel even the subtlest strikes, and these approaches truly define the cutting-edge world of modern finesse fishing systems. Here ice-fishing expert Tom Gruenwald explains the techniques and what you need to get it done.

Southcentral Arctic Char
& Lake Trout
by George Krumm 48

Join Contributing Editor George Krumm for an ice-fishing adventure with Tom Gruenwald Outdoors, as they prowl various southcentral Alaska lakes for lunker lakers and bold Arctic char. 

Ice Fishing the Wilderness
by Steve Meyer 56

Alaska is blessed with millions of acres of public land, meaning there are plenty of places for folks who embrace ice fishing for the cold, quiet solitude and the opportunity to experience nature sans the sound of a petroleum-fed combustion engine. Here Steve Meyer introduces us to the joys of getting out there to experience it.

Ice-Fishing Alaska:
Some Sage Advice
by Mike Chihuly 62

Whether you are a novice or an expert, looking for some trout for the dinner table or trying to win the local ice-fishing derby, here is some sage advice from someone who has shared your pain as well as your triumphs and learned a few things over the last 59 years.