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Mike Cole: Doing Something with Your Life

Ever since he’d started flyfishing, Mike Cole had wanted to be a fishing guide. He could think of nothing more enjoyable or rewarding than spending the days doing the very thing he was growing to love.

Mike Cole: Doing Something with Your Life2021-03-19T11:56:26-08:00

Fly Tying: One Fly at a Time

Like many others before him, Smith is drawn to fly tying for the self-sufficiency it gives him. He soon realized that he could tie as many flies as he wanted—being limited only by materials and time.

Fly Tying: One Fly at a Time2021-01-14T09:32:47-09:00

Hair Jig Tying 101 for Northern Pike

Article by Mike Lunde Northern pike are one of the dominant predators that roam the endless freshwater highways and lake systems across the state of Alaska. Both underneath the shadowy depths and embedded Read More...

Hair Jig Tying 101 for Northern Pike2018-05-24T10:12:05-08:00

King Salmon Flies for Alaska

Tying Instructions for the Top 10 King Flies for Alaska There are just certain king salmon flies that make the top 10 list for their effectiveness. In no particular order the author's favorite Read More...

King Salmon Flies for Alaska2018-09-14T11:50:46-08:00

Tying with Christmas Tinsel

By Michael Lunde The long Alaska winter offseason is typically spent reminiscing over summer fishing stories alongside a cozy cabin campfire. During the Christmas holidays, the majority of department stores provide customers with Read More...

Tying with Christmas Tinsel2017-10-08T12:47:36-08:00

Sample Subscriber Bonus Video

How to Tie an Egg Sucking Leech Want to see more great videos created by Fish Alaska magazine just for you? This fly tying video is an example of the useful videos we Read More...

Sample Subscriber Bonus Video2017-10-27T17:05:13-08:00

Sample Subscriber Article

Tying Your Own Leaders for Fall Fishing Success By Troy Letherman For Alaska fly anglers, proper leader construction is of fundamental concern when preparing to fish for our primary fall species: steelhead, trophy char, Read More...

Sample Subscriber Article2017-10-10T13:53:37-08:00
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