Tackle and Line

Tackle and line vary almost as much as the fishing variety in Alaska. Here are our current favorites to pack in the tackle box when fishing in Alaska. Luhr-Jensen Kwikfish rapala.com The Luhr-Jensen Read More...

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Best Fishing Tackle for Alaska 2018

Here are Fish Alaska's 2018 choices for the best tackle for Alaska for a wide variety of fisheries and techniques. Whether you are twitching jigs for steelhead or trolling squid for silvers, Fish Alaska Read More...

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Line and Tackle

Kodiak Custom Fishing Tackle Jig Hook Rigs www.kodiakcustom.com Kodiak Custom Jig Hook Rigs allow you to quickly change the double-hook skirted system on their Bottom Fish Jigs or to get creative by using Read More...

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Essential Fishing Gear for Alaska

When it comes to fishing gear for Alaska the list can become unmanageable. That's why Fish Alaska's Publisher Marcus Weiner has put together our recommended list of essentials. Fishing Gear for Alaska: Tools, Read More...

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Fish Alaska All-Tackle Center Pinning

Story and Photos by Terry W. Sheely The Jig 'n Bobber Technique that nails salmon & steelhead where other anglers can't reach At its techie heart is a precision, free-spinning specialty reel that Read More...

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