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Category: Salmon Articles

By Melissa Norris There is very little that is quintessentially more Alaskan than homemaking smoked salmon. When thinking about this I also realized that nearly everyone who smokes salmon thinks theirs is the best. With that competitive spirit in mind, Fish Alaska magazine held a contest last summer with the purpose of finding Alaska’s best […]

By Troy Letherman Set against a carrot-colored dawn, snappish morning air pulls fog from the river, punctuating an angler’s silence: less babble than burble, current breaking over boulders and grave

Non-Biters or Great Gamefish? by Jim Teeny The year 1975 marked my first trip to Alaska. We went in July and I traveled and fished with Dr. Jim Hodson and his son Kip from Redmond, Oregon. Bob and Lin

by Troy Letherman “This land of bounty has provided for our families, our culture and our traditional way of life for tens of thousands of years,” says Lydia Olympic, a Yupik/Sugpiaq from the village of Igiugig, which is located on the shores of Lake Iliamna in the Bristol Bay region of southwest Alaska. These days, […]

Tackling One of Alaska’s Premier Sockeye Rivers By Lance Irving and Charlie Summerville Alaska’s salmon are known for spectacular aerial acrobatics, knuckle-busting runs, and fine table fa

A flurry of fishing in Ketchikan By Marcus Weiner Eagles wheel overhead and dive for fish scraps. Seaplanes taxi and take off, while cruise ships and their bounty of tourists tour the Inside Passage.

Emerald Island Silver and More Story and Photos by George Krumm As I looked out the window of the Era Aviation turboprop I wondered if the rain and wind were going to allow us to fish. It had been iffy for several days, but as I looked down at the sea and coastline it didn’t […]

Kiss the Kelp and Tickle The Rocks and You’ll Nail Braggin’ Salmon Others Miss Story and Photos by Terry W. Sheely This time I’ve got it dialed in, the push from roller waves surging

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