best fishing nets 2021

Nets have evolved over the years to make it easier on both the angler and fish. Advancements in net bag materials, design improvements in yoke, basket and handles, and an increase in technique-specific nets make the net market bigger and better than ever before. Read on to learn about some of the best nets for Alaska fishing.

Promar ProFloatPromar ProFloat Landing Net
Finally! This is the net we have been looking for when fishing from the float tube for big rainbow trout. It is light, floats, has an 18.5” x 20” hoop with a 30-inch-deep basket to fit any rainbow trout we’re going to run into, and sports fish-friendly, rubber-coated netting that is snag resistant to hooks. Best of all, it’s got a 30-inch handle, so that we can more easily land big trout on long leaders using one arm on the net and the other on the fly rod.
Promar TelescopicPromar Telescopic Premier Series Landing Net
Here’s another net to add to the arsenal. We tested the LN-910BT which has an 18” x 20” hoop, aluminum frame, fish-friendly netting, and a telescoping handle that can reach 60 inches. The handle can lock in four positions from 39- to 60 inches, giving you various length handles for different scenarios.
Beckman BN3244CBeckman BN3244C Coated Net
Beckman makes arguably the most-popular salmon nets in Alaska and the Pacific Northwest. The reason: they are light, strong, well made and available in sizes well suited to the salmonids we pursue. This net is easily big enough to net salmon as big as 40 pounds, maybe bigger. The bag is PVC-coated small mesh—easy on fins, and barbed hooks don’t get snagged in the netting. The hoop is 32” wide by 44” inches long, and the flat-bottomed bag is 40” deep. This net will handle most salmon you’re likely to catch, but if Kenai kings are your target (or other rivers where fish over 40 pounds are a real possibility), you might want to jump up to the largest in the series—the BN3446C.
Beckman BN3543S fishing netBeckman BN3543S Landing Net
With a huge basket and deep bag, this net is ready to help you land just about any Chinook that swims. The yoke is strong and sturdy, as is the hoop. The nylon netting offers little resistance in the water, making it easier to maneuver under large salmon. With three options to choose from, pick the handle that best suits your needs.
Frabill Trophy HaulFrabill Trophy Haul Power Extend Net, Predator model, 27” x 30”, 72” handle
This net features fin-friendly, small, coated mesh and a unique handle on the yoke to assist in hauling fish into the boat. We used it to net Chinook up to 20 pounds, and a 25-pounder is possible. The net features LED lights in the yoke to assist with netting in low light, though we didn’t use this feature. The MeshGuard hoop helps prevent wear of the net-bag material around the hoop, and the bag itself is flat bottomed—a handy feature for catch-and-release fishing. This net comes with a push-button handle that can extend from 38” up to 72”. This is a great net for all salmon except large kings.
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