best outdoor cooking gear 2021

For many anglers, part of the joy of fishing is the many delicious meals enjoyed from our catch. The bounty of fish and seafood in Alaska is exceptional. This category details many items that will increase your cooking purview.

DiamondBlade GourmetDiamondBlade Gourmet Series Knives
We tested both the Santoku and Chef knives and were seriously impressed. Publisher Marcus Weiner had this to say, “Cooking fish and game is a big part of why I hunt and fish, and these knives from DiamondBlade allow me to conquer fish and game preparation with precision and ease. These blades are ultra-sharp, the G10 handles fit ergonomically in the hand, and the balance of these knives is exceptional. From skinning and portioning fish, to butterflying moose steaks, dicing potatoes and onions, or julienning peppers, these knives are my first choice in the kitchen.”
Stanley 2-QuartStanley 2-Quart Legacy Vacuum Bottle
Stanley has upgraded its recognizable, green vacuum bottle with a new look, better handle and much better insulation. Our tester, Editor George Krumm, is a coffee fiend. The two-quart capacity of this bottle means he can take a full pot of coffee (and then some) with him. That keeps everyone happy.
Weston 80 L Pro SeriesWeston 80 L Pro Series Digital Dehydrator
Our tester enjoyed the ability to dehydrate a large amount of food in this unit. It is easy to program the time and temperature settings. The temperature control settings go up to 160oF. This large-capacity dehydrator features 12 nonstick drying racks. The interior lighting and digital display make it easy to monitor, and extend time, or change settings during the process if desired. The unit automatically shuts off when the selected time expires.
Camp Chef HighlineCamp Chef Highline Event Grill
This grill will allow you to put out a lot of food in a hurry. We cooked two dozen salmon burgers and another eight beef burgers at the same time during one chow down. It sports six burners, and a 744 square-inch cooking surface. This is a badass portable grill, great for big gatherings, camping with other families, hunting and fishing base camp, and wherever else you need to feed a horde. We like that with six burners, you can vary the heat on the different foods you are cooking simultaneously. The adjustable leg levelers are quite useful when setting up this unit at a variety of locations. It weighs 90 pounds, so ask a friend to help you lift it.
Electric Meat GrinderWeston #12 Electric Meat Grinder
This grinder makes it easy to grind meat or fish for making your own gourmet burgers, jerky, meatloaf, sausage, etc. With both fast and slow speeds, forward and reverse are also incorporated into the unit. Our tester appreciated the ease of use and the ability to create customized burgers and jerky.
Lem MaxVac ProLem MaxVac Pro Chamber Vacuum Sealer
Our family relies on this machine season after season. Less than half of the price of other air chamber machines, you can make quick work of your vacuum sealing job. It seals efficiently and the seals hold up.
Sausage SeasoningLem Backwoods Breakfast Fresh Sausage Seasoning
Want to see four young boys devour some moose sausage? Add this delicious seasoning blend from LEM and start thinking about the next hunting trip!
Spyderco Wakiita PettySpyderco Wakiita Petty
This knife has been a supremely handy addition to our kitchen-knife arsenal. It’s comfortable doing detail work like mincing garlic and is just as adept at dicing an onion, deboning chicken thighs or skinning a slab of halibut. Our tester reports that this knife gets a ton of use in his family’s kitchen. The 4.52” blade length is made from CTS BD1N which is a high-carbon, nitrogen-enriched stainless steel. The octagonal handle is made from G-10. The knife is corrosion resistant and holds a sharp edge.
Stainless JavaPressGSI Outdoors Glacier Stainless JavaPress
This is the best outdoor-rated coffee maker we’ve tried over the years. Our tester loves a French press-style coffee. The beaker is rugged, insulated, and made from stainless steel, plus the seal on the plunger is nice and tight, filtering the grounds to the bottom for quality, grit-free coffee. Cleanup is easy too.
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