best outdoor gearThere’s nothing we look forward to more than fishing and testing gear.

Items that you will see reviewed include rods and reels, tackle, line, field accessories, knives, nets, watercraft and accessories, wading gear, apparel, cooking and camping equipment and the list goes on.

From open ocean to protected bays, burly rivers to spring creeks, giant lakes to intimate ponds, our crew has spent another season using equipment that may help you be more successful in the field in 2021.

Enjoy this year’s Editors’ Choice Awards.

The best outdoor gear for fishing in Alaska!

Bigger and better than ever before, Fish Alaska’s Editors’ Choice Awards are back with a bang, highlighting the best outdoor gear, apparel and related angling accouterments that our fishing staff found indispensable during a range of adventures in the field.

From trolling for saltwater coho to slinging feathers and fur for trophy rainbows in the tundra rivers of Southwest, our field-testers have pushed every angling boundary in the Last Frontier in the past year, putting gear through the paces in just about every scenario imaginable.

We’ve been on backpacking excursions around Alaska, float trips in Southcentral, and fishing trips at remote destination lodges; we have motored into the salt, rowed roadside rivers, set up both elaborate and basic base camps, and dropped float tubes into the lakes around the state.

Amongst it all, a number of products stood out as better bets to help get the job done in comfort and style, and it’s all listed here. Whether young or old, experienced or just beginning, we’ve got the the gear you need. Check it out and then get going on your fishing dreams.

  • best fishing rods

Best Fishing Rods 2021

At Fish Alaska, we spend countless hours each year on the water testing new rods to bring you the insight scoop on what rods to buy

  • best fishing reels

Best Fishing Reels 2021

In this section, we provide insights on some of the spinning, casting and fly reels we used in 2020 to land big fish. A good reel needs to have a strong, smooth drag, ample line Read More...

  • best layering apparel 2021

Best Layering Apparel 2021

The weather is constantly changing in Alaska and layering is the key to staying warm. You can always take layers off and put them back on when needed. Read on for choices to consider. Best Read More...

  • best fishing accessories 2021

Best Accessories for Fishing 2021

Best accessories for fishing in Alaska range from gloves to belts, scarves to hats. We showcase some items to increase warmth and style in this section. We also feature some polarized sunglasses, which are essential Read More...

  • best outdoor boots 2021

Best Outdoor Boots and Footwear 2021

Best outdoor boots for Alaska need to be tough. Footwear like XTRATUF Legacy boots, often referred to as Alaska sneakers, are among the most worn fishing footwear in the Greatland. In this section you can Read More...

  • best fishing field accessories 2021

Best Knives and Field Accessories 2021

Best knives and accessories for 2021. This category covers a broad range of items that are needed in the field. Testers use headlamps, bear spray, cutting tools, first aid kits, communication devices and the list Read More...

  • best fishing nets 2021

Best Fishing Nets 2021

Nets have evolved over the years to make it easier on both the angler and fish. Advancements in net bag materials, design improvements in yoke, basket and handles, and an increase in technique-specific nets make Read More...

  • best outdoor jackets and pants 2021

Best Jackets and Outdoor Pants 2021

From under-wader pants, to jackets to keep you warm and protect you from the rain, we showcase options that worked for us. There are many good choices within this category. Best jackets and pants for Read More...

  • best fishing tackle 2021

Best Fishing Tackle 2021

With so many species, and so many techniques used in Alaska to catch both saltwater and freshwater fish, there is a lot to know about tackle to be a good angler. Read on to learn Read More...

  • best wading gear 2021

Best Waders and Wading Gear 2021

Fit and function are the two main factors in choosing waders, wading jackets and boots. In this section we cover several of the brands that we feel put out quality products in this category. Best Read More...

  • best camping gear 2021

Best Camping Gear 2021

We love to camp in Alaska and this category is far reaching. Read on to learn about new products to outfit your basecamp, or items to increase efficiency on a remote, minimalist backcountry adventure. Big Read More...

  • best outdoor cooking gear 2021

Best Outdoor Cooking Gear 2021

For many anglers, part of the joy of fishing is the many delicious meals enjoyed from our catch. The bounty of fish and seafood in Alaska is exceptional. This category details many items that will Read More...