Fishing equipment of superior quality not only performs better but also provides a level of comfort that can make a day on the water much more enjoyable. Whether you’re a seasoned angler or a novice, explore some of the best fishing equipment chosen by the Fish Alaska editors.

fishing equipment

Santiam Kokanee/Trout Jig Rod SFC-602J

This 6-foot, 2-piece rod is rated for 6- to 10-pound-test line and for lures from 1/4- to 1-ounce. It’s soft in the top half, which aids in allowing a fish to slurp up the jig without feeling much resistance, and then stiffens up in the butt end so that you can battle some bigger fish. The rod combines a fast-action, carbon-fiber blank, graphite reel seat, X-flock grip, and aluminum-oxide guides. It’s a well-built stick offered at a fair price and backed with a 5-year warranty.

Lamiglas BattleGlass Rod Series

fishing equipmentThe BattleGlass series are designed to be downrigger, trolling, and plug rods. These 2-piece, fiberglass casting rods feature double-foot guides, a double-lock reel seat, and come in four length options: 8’2”, 8’6”, 9’, and 10’6″. The 8’2” model is rated for line from 8- to 20-pound-test, lures from 3/8- to 1-ounce and offers a medium/heavy power and moderate action. Specs are the same for the 8’6”, except it is rated for 10- to 20-pound-test.

The 9’ option is rated for 15- to 30-pound-test line, 3/4- to 4-ounce lures and has a heavy power rating. The 10’6″ model is rated for 15- to 30-pound-test, 1- to 8-ounce lures, and has a moderate action and heavy power rating. BattleGlass rods offer plenty of bend to allow lures to work, as well as to keep salmon pinned once hooked, and they also have enough power in the butt end of the rod to fight big salmon.

fishing equipment

Minus 33 Expedition Men’s Wool Full Zip Wilderness

This full-zip sweater is warm, moisture wicking, odor resistant, comfortable, and the wool is anti-microbial. Minus 33 garments come in four different weights to accommodate a wide range of hunters’ or anglers’ needs. This garment is available in two colors and six sizes. According to the Minus33 website, this item is made with a Ponte de Roma knit, which is the name of a double knitting technique that consists of two layers of fabric knitted together. Ponte fabric is tightly knitted, making it very durable, as well as stretchy, soft, and doesn’t wrinkle.

BnR Tackle Hover Fishing Weight Pack

This pack includes popular weight sizes and terminal tackle for hover fishing. BnR Tackle recently acquired Dave’s Tangle Free, and this pack includes Dave’s Tangle Free Steel Weights (4 each of 2 ounce, 2.5 ounce and 3 ounce) as well as barrel swivels, beads, duo-lock snaps and EZ Sliders. These rubber-coated weights can also be used in other applications.

Patagonia Forra Wading Boots

These lightweight wading boots are built with Vibram Mars sole technology for traction and grip, and feature a high ankle, sturdy toe box and adjustable, noncorrosive lacing system for support and durability. The upper is made from Cordura nylon mesh, designed to be tough and dry quickly.

Fish Fighter Eco-Friendly Drift Boat Anchor FFP Variable Weight 10 to 30 Lb.


This drift-boat anchor offers several advantages over standard lead drift-boat anchors. For one, it’s made from steel and not lead. With lead anchors, when you set them in rocky rivers, banging them off the rocks can leave lead in the water. Secondly, it’s adjustable, so the 30-pound anchor can be made lighter by removing plates. This makes the anchor very versatile and can be made as light as 10 pounds by removing FFP Weight Plates.

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