What stuff do you need for fishing? A state fishing license, fishing rod and reel, line, fishing weights, fishhooks, and a selection of  bait or lures is just the start. Below are the latest favorites in fishing gear curated by the seasoned anglers at Fish Alaska.

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Scent Striker Skirted Vortaks


Scent Striker’s new weapon in the salmon bite wars is the Skirted Vortaks. Think of it like a tricked-out bullet for your fishing line; a turbo-finned head design with dazzling skirt color and material combinations spinning around your fishing line like an irresistible wounded baitfish. Skirted Vortaks comes in mylar or silicone-rubber options. The mylar materials offer unique visibility options such as UV, glow, and holographic flash and the silicone-rubber skirts offer added movement, glitter, and scale flash. Alaska-made Skirted Vortaks come in 10 options with pattern names such as Willow Ptarmigan, Northern Light, and Alaska Sunrise.

BnR Tackle 2024 Show Edition Beads


BnR Tackle has been busy creating new Soft Beads colors. Cherry Blue (pictured here) took the longest in development. This is a variant of the Sweet Pink Cherry (SPC). On one half, they took the SPC mix and toned down the recipe to make it more translucent, and on the other side, the bead is almost clear but has just a slight hint of color with this mix of two different fine-particle pearls. The result is a very translucent bead that has that SPC attractant, and that glows really bright in the water from the clearness of the side of the bead.

According to BnR, Blue Goon is probably the favorite color that they have created over the last few years. On one half you have a really dense, bright cerise, and on the other half translucent blue with fine blue glitter for an extra pop when the light hits it. This bead has a really nice glow from the cerise color, and the light-blue glitter particles of the blue make for a vibrant fish catcher. Pink Caddy is a very subtle color featuring translucent blue mixed with a fine blue glitter and a really vibrant pink on the other side. It’s perfect for fishing in low water.

fishing stuff

Big Ray’s Men’s Karluk Zip Wader


The Karluk Wader offers a waterproof full-front zip for easy on and off, as well as extra venting when you heat up on long treks to the water. To make these waders tough, they are built with a 4-ply nylon upper and a lower leg double layered with 6-ply nylon for extra abrasion resistance. Other important features include: dual suspender-attachment points for essential gear; an inner zippered device-storage pocket; dual zippered fly-box chest pockets; TIZIP MasterSeal 10 waterproof front zip; two micro-fleece hand-warming pockets; double-taped, 4 mm neoprene ergonomic booties; and 4-ply nylon gravel guards with lace hooks. Karluk Waders are designed by Alaskans and proven for the diverse waters of the Last Frontier.

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Chota CLOAK Wading Shoe Cover


The Chota CLOAK Wading Shoe Cover transforms any shoe into a felt-soled wading shoe, offering versatility and convenience. Ideal for growing kids or worn over old tennis shoes, it ensures better stability while crossing streams or hiking to fishing spots. Perfect for converting rubber-soled boots to felt for slippery streams, the CLOAK is lightweight and easily packable, making it an essential for weight-conscious outdoor enthusiasts. Whether upgrading sandals or adapting fishing boots, this innovative gear provides a simple yet effective solution for enhanced traction and adaptability on your outdoor adventures.

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Beckman BN2634C Coated Net


The BN2634C is Beckman’s medium-sized, high-performance, coated fishing net and features their Quick-Connect Channel that allows for an ultra-fast connection of the handle to the yoke, as well as an ultra-strong hoop with Beckman’s Internal Y-Bar construction for increased rigidity and stability. The coated nylon net bag is easier on fish. You can choose one or more handles from the four that Beckman offers: 4’, 6’, as well as two adjustable models (4’-7’, 4’-9’). By offering multiple handles to fit each hoop, you can cover multiple fishing applications with the same net by just swapping out the handle. The hoop on this model measures 26” wide by 34” long and has a bag depth of 32”.

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Korkers Wade Lite Wading Boot Collection


Korkers® is proud to introduce their new Wade Lite™ Wading Boot Collection for the 2024 Season. The new collection features two boot styles, Chrome Lite™ BOA® and Stealth Sneaker™. Designed with ultra-light performance and uncompromising durability in mind, both boots are incredibly light, low profile, and nimble, with performance similar to an athletic sneaker. Unique to Korkers’ line, the new Wade Lite™ Collection features a non-interchangeable Kling-On Rock™ sticky rubber outsole. The Macro-Lug™ design allows for solid performance on softer terrain such as mud and wet grass, while the razor-siped tread sheds water and provides sure-footed confidence with every step.

“We challenged our design team to develop the lightest weight, highest performing wading boots in the industry and they delivered in spades. At $149.99 MSRP for the Stealth Sneaker™ and $179.99 MSRP for the Chrome Lite™ BOA®, they did so at an unbelievable value to the consumer,” commented CEO Brian Chaney.

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