Anchoring systems is the focus of Part III of the Fish Alaska vlog series on Boating Accessories. Editor George Krumm talks about items at the bow end of his boat, which make anchoring safe and effective.

The two anchoring systems covered in this video are the Leelock Quick Change System, and the Fish Fighter Products Quick Mount System, both of which George has experience using. Both of these systems allow you to change what’s actually attached at the bow end of your boat.

For instance, with the right LeeLock Quick Change Base installed on your boat, you could attach: a Columbia River Quick Change Anchor Nest; an Anchor Can System; Trolling Motor Mount; or a Bow Ladder. With most parts made of marine-grade aluminum or stainless steel, the LeeLock Quick Change System is a great anchoring solution for sportfishing in Alaska.

Fish Fighter Products also makes a great anchoring system. The foundation of Fish Fighter’s system is their Quick Mount Puck and Pin. To it, you could attach their Quick Mount Minn Kota Mount, or their Quick Mount Anchor Nest Mount. Fish Fighter’s products are made of marine-grade aluminum with stainless-steel components.

Regardless of whether you use LeeLock’s or Fish Fighter Products’ anchoring system, if your boat is big enough, consider adding two bases (such as you see in the video). This will allow you to mount both the anchor and a bow-mounted electric trolling motor, without having to store one of them on the floor of your boat.

In George’s boat, you’ll see that he has a port for plugging in the bow-mounted electric trolling motor, plus a port to plug an extension cord into for charging the bow-mount batteries. He also has a second fish-finder in the bow of his boat.

Efficient anchoring systems can help you fish more safely and more effectively. Hopefully, this three-part series on boating accessories has given you some ideas about what’s possible.

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