Tackle organization is an important concept, when you fish from the bank or from a boat. In this video, Fish Alaska Editor George Krumm shares information how he organizes tackle in his boat to ensure he has everything he needs to fish more effectively. This is Part II of a three-part series.

A number of items can help you with your tackle organization. Here are some of the products George uses:

Plano Edge 3700 Thin. This box is customizable, and you can configure the size of the compartments easily. The dividers don’t let small components migrate from one compartment to another. He uses it for swivels, beads, duo locks, sliders, McMahon snaps, ball-bearing swivels etc. This box stays in his boat all year.

Plano Z-Series Lure Wrap. He uses it as a flasher storage bag and it holds 6+ flashers. If you troll in saltwater, there’s a good chance you own a few flashers (“360” flashers, skateboard flashers). This bag works great to store them. It has six compartments, but you can fit two flashers in one compartment if you like. He leaves this in the boat all summer, with 12 flashers in it.

ProLatch Open-Compartment StowAway Deep (3700). He uses these to store pre-tied Super Bait leaders, 3.5 spinner leaders, and mooching leaders that are wrapped onto FishEng Leader Boards. He can fit three loaded Leader Boards into one of these boxes.

FishEng Leader Boards. He winds mooching leaders, pre-tied Super Baits and pre-tied 3.5 spinner rigs onto FishEng leader boards, then stores them in the Plano box mentioned above. He also uses smaller Leader Boards and a smaller Plano box (ProLatch Open-Compartment StowAway Half-Size (3700)) to store 3.5 spinner blades, which prevents the paint from chipping off the blades.

Plano XL Prolatch Storage Box. Fillet knives, sharpening steel, pliers, tape measure, rockfish descender, and more goes in one of these boxes. At approximately 14” by 14” by 3”, these boxes fit easily inside seat boxes and in the boat’s built-in fish box.

Fish Fighter Products’ Boat Seat Backpack on each seat. These are nifty and create a lot of additional storage space in your boat which aids in tackle organization. Inside, he puts an inflatable life preserver in each backpack, so every person on the boat has their own. The Boat Seat Backpacks are bigger than they look and have plenty of capacity for an inflatable life jacket, raingear, lunch, and more.

If you watch all three of these Boating Accessories Videos, you’ll see that the idea of having the right accessories and tackle, and keeping them organized and logically placed, is evident on the boat shown in the video. Such tackle organization will help you fish more efficiently, which leads to more enjoyment, less frustration, and more fish in the box over time. Be sure to watch for Boating Accessories Part III next month.