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April 2017 | 2017 Fly Fishing Special

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This is the Koktuli
by Terry W. Sheely 40

If you’re in search of an angling adventure on a gorgeous little river filled with big fish, Terry Sheely presents here the Koktuli River, a southwest Alaska gem that promises outstanding scenery and fast action no matter the time of the season.

Pennock Island: Uniquely Perfect
by Troy Buzalsky 48

Join Troy Buzalsky on his piscatorial pursuit to remote Pennock Island, exploring the fishing opportunities of early June in true do-it-yourself fashion.

Alaska’s Fly Rod Sleepers
by E. Donnall Thomas, Jr. 58

Kings, silvers, steelhead, rainbows—these are Alaska’s fly-rod glamour species, but even with the best planning, there are times anglers will find prime waters simply empty of fish. Fortunately, Alaska almost always has interesting alternatives to offer for anglers willing to fish outside the box, and Don Thomas is happy to spread the word.

Losing Fish
by Cecilia “Pudge” Kleinkauf 64

Nobody likes to lose a fish, and when it happens, we usually go looking for an explanation. Fish Alaska Contributing Editor Pudge Kleinkauf has those explanations, and simple remedies to help make sure your next catch makes it all the way to the net.

Big, Bold & Ugly: A Guide to Swinging Flies
by Troy Letherman 68

Fly selection for Alaska, much like fly fishing in Alaska, is rarely complicated, and when hunting the biggest and baddest of the state’s freshwater fish, it pays to fish on the swing. Here Editor Troy Letherman takes us through a guide to selecting the right streamers to present for the major species available in the state’s waters.

The Bead & A Trout Fisherman’s Journey
by Jeremy Anderson 78

There are always eggs in Alaska’s salmon-spawning waters, which a big reason why the bead works so well. As anyone who’s cast a line up here already knows, beads catch more fish. In this feature, Kenai River guide and resident bead-expert Jeremy Anderson walks us through everything we need to know.

A Comprehensive Guide to the Bucktail Deceiver
by Mike Lunde 86

Baitfish cruise Alaska’s lakes, rivers and inshore saltwater, and predatory gamefish are right there behind the bait. These gamefish bring anglers, streamers and a fly rod in hand. Here, Mike Lunde explores everything about the venerable Deceiver, perhaps the best-known and most widely used baitfish streamer in North America.


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