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On the Cover

Kraig Holdren with a prime Situk steelhead. © Kraig Holdren




Road-System Gems by Kraig Holdren

Being the general manager at Yakutat Lodge, Kraig Holdren is quite familiar with the angling opportunities in the Yakutat area. The Situk River and the saltwater nearby have been covered in the pages of magazines for years. But Yakutat has more to offer than just the Situk and the saltwater. Kraig shares some of these rarely discussed, often overlooked fish stops in this story.


Salty Wonders by Marcus Weiner

Alaska is blessed with many destinations that offer fine angling for a variety of species. Over the last 27 years, Publisher Marcus Weiner has been to most. In his experience, Yakutat Lodge has it all. In saltwater, short boat rides to the fish. An abundant diversity of healthy populations of top-tier Alaska gamefish. Reasonable-depth water for an angler to target bottomfish. Fairly calm seas. In freshwater, the biggest steelhead run in the state, plus awesome fishing for coho, pinks and sockeye. What more could you ask for?


An Unexpected Journey by Brian Woobank

Over the last 30 years, Brian Woobank has made roughly 100 trips to Yakutat. Cathy is his wife, but Yakutat is his mistress. When he dies, his ashes will be sprinkled in the Situk River and over the surrounding area so part of him remains there forever. He never imagined his unexpected journey would provide him with so many fond memories of a place you must experience to truly appreciate.


Yakutat Through the Seasons

by Melissa Norris

The Yakutat area boasts one of the longest open-water fishing seasons in Alaska, starting with steelhead in April and ending with coho in September. Great angling happens in both freshwater and saltwater, and it’s possible to enjoy both during your trip. Publisher Melissa Norris outlines the fantastic angling opportunities that are available from April through September.


Holiday Gift Guide Part 2 by Fish Alaska Staff

Now is the time to make those gift purchases for the people on your list. Here’s another batch of items to consider. From ice augers to sea fur hats, wading boots to packs, tackle to scents, Sea Tow memberships to guided fishing trips, our staff provides some things to consider to help thaw that mental block and get you down the trail to completing your gift purchases.