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Fish Alaska Safety: Aviation Safety 

by Melissa Norris

Publisher Melissa Norris takes a dunking to pass the Aviation Crash Land and Water Survival safety course in Anchorage. Here’s why anyone who flies a plane, or flies in a plane should do it too.

Fish Alaska All-Tackle: Boy Scout Shore Lunch 

by Dave Kilhefner

Want a delicious, simple way to fix your fish? Dave Kilhefner wouldn’t have it any other way.

One-Hole Kings 

by Scott Haugen

Scott Haugen points out the benefits of fishing specific locations.

Jigging 101 

by René Limeres

Here’s one type of lure that will always work. You just have to know how to choose which one. René Limeres gives you some guidelines.

Fish Alaska Travel: The Four Stages

by Andy Bullick

With experience comes discretion. Here guide Andy Bullick shows you why Alaska is the best place to learn.

Bear Trail Lodge 

by Marcus Weiner

Publisher Marcus Weiner visits a beautiful Naknek lodge that is famous for its friendly atmosphere and spectacular fishing.

Trophy ‘Bows & Sheefish 

by James Fraioli

Alaska Rainbow Lodge is the destination of choice for James Fraioli. And the fishing proves it to be a generous choice.

Fishing in Bear Country 

by E. Donnall Thomas Jr.

Don Thomas has fished almost everywhere in Alaska. He’s encountered hundreds of bears. Here’s how he’s lived to tell about it.