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On The Cover

Talarik Creek Lodge client Linda Ueckert and guide Evan Gordon, with a gigantic Bristol Bay rainbow caught and gently released. © Russell Ueckert




Icy Strait Lodge—The Heart of Hoonah 
by Troy A. Buzalsky

There are several operations in Southeast where an experienced angler can embark on do-it-yourself (DIY) trips for much of what Alaska has to offer. Icy Strait Lodge is one such operation, and Troy Buzalsky is one such angler. Hoonah was ground zero for his DIY halibut adventure last summer.


Fish Alaska’s Top 5 Destinations for Bottomfish

by Marcus Weiner

Bottomfish are prized quarries in the Great Land salt chuck, and for good reason: They’re plentiful, readily available, they fill fish boxes, and they’re delicious. In this article, Publisher Marcus Weiner outlines the best areas and recommends operations most likely to produce great catches of halibut, rockfish, lings, and others.



Hunting for Trophy Rainbows

by Eric Salitan

Talarik Creek Lodge owner Eric Salitan lives in the Bristol Bay area and makes his living guiding anglers. Having spent years in pursuit of various species, he equates fishing for rainbow trout to hunting for big game. Despite the remoteness of many Bristol Bay drainages, there aren’t many that don’t receive frequent visits from guided anglers. The truly large rainbows sometimes require arduous effort and considerable time to find. Yes, there are still some secrets out there.


The Angoon Problem…Too Many Places to Fish

by Terry Sheely

Whether you want to fish freshwater or salt, the opportunities in the relatively unsung destination of Angoon present an unusual problem for anglers: Too many places to fish! Sheely provides a glimpse into the diverse angling opportunities available at this Admiralty Island destination.