July 2004 | Mix and Match Pacific Salmon


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The Flash Fly 

by Pudge Kleinkauf 

Pudge Kleinkauf demonstrates an old Alaska salmon standard.

Decoding the Sockeye Run 

by Bernie Taylor 

Part two, an exclusive Fish Alaska How-To by BernieTaylor.

Fish Sense 

by John Gawesworth 

Leaders? Who needs ’em. Experiment with John Gawesworth and apply your knowledge to the Alaska experience.

Three Valley Jewels 

By Pudge Kleinkauf 

Catch & Release rainbows get big in the Mat-Su Valley at these treasured lakes. 

Unknown Waters of Southeast 

by Matt Olmstead 

Matt Olmstead takes us to some very productive freshwater in the relatively unexplored panhandle.

All Tackle, All Chum 

by J.D. Richey 

The lowest of the salmon family offers great numbers and a great fight to those willing to fish them. J.D. Richey provides all the how-to.

Fish Anchor Point 

by Troy Letherman 

Any time is well spent around this Southcentral gem as it surrenders fresh and salt secrets. 


Build Your Own Smokehouse 

by A.E. Poynor 

For the fisherman with everything, including lots of fish, here is a solution to making your own gourmet smoked salmon at home. 

COVER/A beautiful rainbow just prior to release. © Brian O’Keefe