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June 2017 | 2017 Saltwater Secrets

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COVER / Charlie Neff with a boatload of halibut. © Kristin Dunn/Kodiak Custom Fishing Tackle.

Icy Strait Islands
by Terry W. Sheely  40

Icy Strait is the major inland passageway for hundreds of thousands of salmon returning to Southeast, and after leaving Cross Sound, the strait squeezes between a trio of island complexes, which concentrates the schools of salmon, halibut and bottom fish. Terry Sheely tacked us there.

Modern Rockfishing Techniques
by JD Richey 50

Alaska’s near-shore waters contain countless shallow reefs teeming with all sorts of colorful and tasty bottom dwellers. Here JD Richey offers a couple of cool new techniques for targeting these inshore zones that really make the fishing fun—and productive. 

Gearing Up for Halibut
by Conor Sullivan 60

Halibut fishing may not seem complicated, but successful anglers are prepared anglers, and here Conor Sullivan offers his dossier on where to fish, when, and what you’ll want to use. 

Releasing Large Halibut
by David Bayes 68

With conservation of large halibut at the forefront of everyone’s mind, this timely feature from David Bayes offers a primer on how to successfully, and safely, release trophy halibut.

How to Choose a Lodge in Southeast Alaska
by George Dennis 70

Fishing opportunities abound in this vast wilderness state, but identifying where to spend your fishing vacation can be complicated. Here, George Dennis uses his decades of experience as a charter captain to help us whittle it all down. 

Ultimate Alaska: The Inside Passage
by Scott Haugen 82

Aboard the 60-foot Huntress, Scott Haugen travels through some of Alaska’s most stunning scenery while enjoying one of Southeast’s more memorable adventures. From exploring clear mountain streams to fishing exclusive nooks and crannies of the Inside Passage, this trip has it all. 

Fly Rods in the North Pacific
by E. Donnal Thomas, Jr. 90

Saltwater fly-fishing offers variety impossible to attain inland, and since one can only catch so many salmon and trout, Don Thomas lends his well-considered ruminations on what makes fishing the salt so unique—and appealing. 

Glacier-Fed Flatties: Yakutat Halibut
by Terry Wiest 100

Perhaps under the radar, Yakutat remains a world-class halibut hotspot, with barn-door-size flatfish available from late April through September. Follow this guide to go get your own trophy.


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