Steelhead: Low and Clear on the Situk

Each steelhead is like a miracle, a gift out of time, a prehistoric primal beast. And each one we valued more than the last.

Steelhead: Low and Clear on the Situk2020-04-08T15:14:44-08:00

Steelhead Fishing Bloopers

Steelhead Fishing Bloopers: Adventures of Mac Lightfoot Blog Series by Mac Lightfoot For Mac, steelhead fishing is the pinnacle of cold-water sportfishing. He’s already spent time at Rainbow Trout Anonymous getting off the Read More...

Steelhead Fishing Bloopers2018-11-26T13:03:47-09:00

Nymphing Techniques for Alaska Steelhead

by E. Donnall Thomas, Jr.  Still, cool and humid beneath an overcast sky, the air smelled faintly of the nearby sea. The absence of direct sunlight overhead represented both good and bad news. Read More...

Nymphing Techniques for Alaska Steelhead2018-01-08T10:46:28-09:00

Rites of Spring: Good Company and Wild Places

On an Alaska steelhead adventure, one never knows what else to expect. Story by E. Donnall Thomas, Jr. Photos by Don & Lori Thomas T.S. Eliot claimed that April is the cruelest month, Read More...

Rites of Spring: Good Company and Wild Places2018-08-20T21:23:14-08:00

Hot Days and Cold Nights on the Karluk

Karluk River steelhead and steelhead fishing in general is an addiction for many, a way of life, and the path to either enlightenment or utter despair. For the true steelhead junky, thosethousand-cast days Read More...

Hot Days and Cold Nights on the Karluk2018-09-27T14:40:23-08:00

Jeff Hickman’s Steelhead Rig

  Blog Post by Jeff Hickman Today's steelhead blog comes to us from Jeff Hickman, a two-handed-rod steelhead guide from Oregon who owns Fish The Swing LLC. He is also a signature Idylwilde tier and Read More...

Jeff Hickman’s Steelhead Rig2017-10-10T16:55:14-08:00

Beaded Steelhead Jigs

When fished side by side, beaded steelhead jigs will out produce jigs without beads. How do I know this? For the past several years, I’ve tested this theory by fishing side by side Read More...

Beaded Steelhead Jigs2018-09-25T12:51:44-08:00

Situk Steelhead in the Fall

Fall Steelhead Primer By Troy Letherman It’s that time of year again, tail-end of the seasonal transition from fish-filled summer to the short, cold, dark days of winter, our rivers frozen over, our fish Read More...

Situk Steelhead in the Fall2018-08-20T23:02:21-08:00
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