As the peak of summer gives way to August and September the last of the salmon runs come and go and autumn fishing begins in September. Our editors have selected some of the top gear they have used recently and recommend for anglers looking for new Alaska fishing gear.

Alaska fishing gear

Ahi USA 7” Rock Cod Squirts

The Ahi USA 7″ Rock Cod Squirts are good baits to consider when fishing for rockfish, lingcod and halibut in Alaska. They are ready to fish, and come equipped with glow-in the-dark squids and multicolored mylar skirts. The squids are 7” long, available in two colors (Pink Glow and Glow) and are equipped with heavy-duty 9/0 hooks, 80-pound-test monofilament leader, a heavy-duty swivel, and a snap to attach your weight.

Alaska fishing gear

The Original Peet Tall Boot Dryer

Let’s face it, all feet perspire and get wet. The Tall Boot Dryer removes the environmental moisture that odor-causing bacteria thrive in. It silently dries footwear up to 22” tall (knee-high boots) in eight hours or less. Peet has the only dryers made in the USA. They carry a 25-year warranty, and are safe to use on any materials. Just plug it in and use it everyday, and it will extend the life of your boots.

Alaska fishing gear

Silver Horde The Stubby Dodger

It’s true that if you wait long enough something old and almost forgotten can become reborn. The Stubby Dodger is NEW AGAIN. The versatile dodger remains a key tool for anglers who hone their skills from boats big and small. Before the inception of flashers, dodgers were the go-to attractor. The standard 8-inch #0 dodger invented in 1932 by Les Davis followed up by the 6-inch 0/0 size dodger have been a staple in tackle boxes for years. The dodger has less drag on the line when trolling and fighting the fish. Additionally, when fighting the fish, the dodger is small and cannot be used as a lever to throw the hook.

If you look deep enough into grandpa’s tackle box you just might find a lost jewel, the Stubby Dodger. Recently rediscovered and promoted by Frank Juzwik, an angler and shop owner from Winthrop Harbor, Illinois. This 6-inch-long, 2½-inch-wide dodger imparts a bit more wobble at lower speeds, swinging to a quick roll at faster speeds. Silver Horde/Gold Star is introducing a wide range of new fish-catching colors featuring Double Glow and Ultraviolet reactive finishes, including their new Coho Killer pattern (#635).

Diamond D Outdoors Denali LIGHT Chest Holster

The Denali LIGHT Chest Holster is your answer for those semi-autos with lights and lasers attached under the barrel. The key features include: reflex sight cut down, multi-gun fit up to a 6-inch barrel length, and designed to fit any light currently on the market. Additionally, optional foam inserts to fill space (if needed) and to allow for a custom fit no matter your barrel length or light size. A magazine pouch comes standard on all holsters, providing quick and easy access to a second magazine when reloading.

Alaska fishing gear

Bajío Vega

Named for Alejandro Vega Cruz, AKA “Sandflea,” the grandfather of flyfishing on the Yucatan’s Isla Holbox. The large frame Vega can help you spot fish without weighing you down thanks to the strong, yet lightweight, bio-based nylon frames. Offering a bold, squared, high-coverage, full-wrap design with wide temples to block side light and protect eyes from the sun. Vega puts you in a veritable cocoon, ready to laser focus on the task at hand. Made with tough, bio-based nylon, this modern oversized frame protects eyes with complete coverage and vented side shields, reducing glare off the water and overall light intrusion, without fogging up.

Hi-Point Firearms JXP 10 Semi-auto Pistol

The Hi-Point Firearms JXP 10 semi-auto pistol has a 5.2-inch threaded barrel, polymer frame, and all-weather exterior coating with new-style slide. Chambered in 10mm and being 100% American-made makes this heavy hitter a new favorite. The 10mm is well known for its knockdown power and this is the perfect sidearm when outside in any area that has big toothy critters. It comes with a 10-round magazine. The pistol is also compatible with a Crimson Trace RMR-style red-dot sight, available now at many local gun shops. Hi-Point supports this firearm with a lifetime warranty.

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