May 2005 | Kings: Alaska’s Royal Salmon


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SeaGalley’s King Salmon Imperial

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Forest Service Solitude 71

Something for everyone—far from the maddening crowd. The U.S. Forest Service has cabins on lakes, rivers and estuaries that can be reserved in advance. Join “Pudge” Kleinkauf for three adventures in “cabin Alaska.”


Little Red-Riding Fly 

by Cecilia “Pudge” Kleinkauf

This wolf-in-sheep’s clothing is a Pudge Original that’s a proven winner for kings, chums and silvers.

Boon-Dogging for Kings 

by Scott Haugen

When it comes to covering a lot of water, this technique is almost guaranteed to be the most productive.

How Do Fish Hear? 

by Daniel Bagur

Nature has produced some very sophisticated echo and motion detectors for fish. Understanding how they work can increase your catch!

The Warm Springs of Baranof Isle 

by Terry W. Sheely

Halibut, kings and Dollies abound in this Southeast fjordland. Fishing for them can be a relaxing adventure.

The Biggest Salmon of Your Life 

by Greg Brush

In this exclusive Fish Alaska Technique, contributing editor Greg Brush takes you where the big fish linger and points you in the right direction for equipment and any other assistance you might need.

Incidentally Yours 

by Troy Letherman 60

The other fish of spring eagerly await your fry, smolt, stickleback and sculpin fly patterns. Here’s an assortment and how to fish them for the best result.

Fish Alaska Special Section

Bristol Bay Royalty 

by Marcus Weiner

Marcus Weiner researches the monarchy of the legendary drainages of the Bristol Bay region for the big chinook of southwestern Alaska.

COVER / Greg Brush prepares to release a shiny Chinook in the Kenai River. © Greg Brush