Alaska Fishing Gear Tips

Fish Alaska magazine contributors love gear and here you can learn about rain gear, sonar systems, fly-tying materials, and more.



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Fishing blind: I hate it. There is a bit of mystery in the depths of lakes. The flat, wide expanse of water gives few clues as to what lies beneath or to where the trout might be. [Read Full Post....]
Q: Obviously, anglers in the market for a new boat are faced with a multitude of styles, sizes and various other options. In a nutshell, what sets Xtaero Boats apart? A: In a word, usability. If you look at mission capability such as fishing on a windy day, or fishing in swells, or fishing with four large adults, the Xtaero will allow you to go out on days when other anglers are forced to stay home or in sheltered waters. Said another way, out of 365 days, you could plausibly use a 17-degree non-developed thinner gauge boat maybe 150 days comfortably where the Xtaero you can use 300 days. [Read Full Post....]
Rain gear is a critical component of an outdoorsman’s wardrobe in Alaska. It often rains in the 49th state, and if you are heading to places in Southeast such as Ketchikan, where over 140 inches of rain falls in an average year, you’ll be wearing that rain gear most of the time. [Read Full Post....]