Flyfishing in Alaska

When it comes to flyfishing in Alaska, rest assured Fish Alaska contributors have some great info for you.

Bristol Bay Contest

Bristol Bay contest: Win a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to fish in Bristol Bay, Alaska! Enter now for a chance to embark on a 4-day, 3-night adventure, Read More...

Bristol Bay Contest2024-03-01T10:09:48-09:00

Pike Fishing on the Holitna River

written and photos by Dan Paull Pike fishing on the Holitna River is some of the best that Alaska has to offer. Or at least I have been told many times by guests. Read More...

Pike Fishing on the Holitna River2022-01-06T11:01:53-09:00

What are Flies for?

written by Joe Jackson photos by Joe Jackson and Emmie Jackson  I’m staring at my fly box—one of several, I should say—at the end of yet another season that I’m still perplexed is Read More...

What are Flies for?2022-01-06T10:48:12-09:00

Derek Fergus: The Future of Fly Tying

Written by Joe Jackson photos courtesy of Derek Fergus It’s July 7th, 2003, and the night sky around Cape Canaveral Air Force Base in Florida is suddenly whelmed in fire. The National Air Read More...

Derek Fergus: The Future of Fly Tying2022-01-12T12:04:47-09:00

Mark Hieronymus is Behind the Vice

Mark Hieronymus is a self-proclaimed “fish translator,” and his mentality for fly creation is refreshingly simple: The fish will tell you whether something works or not. It follows, then, that his resume of Read More...

Mark Hieronymus is Behind the Vice2021-11-10T12:32:24-09:00

Jonathan Farmer: Behind the Vice

by Joe Jackson Photos by Jonathan Farmer Jonathan Farmer with a lovely steelhead from one of his favorite Alaskan rivers.   There’s a vexed sigh from the other end of the Read More...

Jonathan Farmer: Behind the Vice2021-09-22T08:40:21-08:00

Jason Rivers: Tying, Unconventionally

Aside from doling out hours to the fly-tying vise, Jason Rivers manages a small conglomerate of fishing and tackle operations.

Jason Rivers: Tying, Unconventionally2021-08-04T09:43:19-08:00

Spey Fishing Advantages

by Melissa Norris Spey fishing advantages are numerous and fishing for trout and salmon this way could easily become an addiction. The very first time I learned the basics of casting Skagit style Read More...

Spey Fishing Advantages2021-07-31T11:26:49-08:00

George Krumm: Behind the Vice

Krumm’s stillwater forte was particularly intriguing, not just because he has racked up an impressive resume of big fish using nothing but his wits, his flies, and his float tube..

George Krumm: Behind the Vice2021-06-30T11:14:18-08:00

Kenai Peninsula Steelhead

Kenai Peninsula Steelhead blog by Nigel FoxPhotos by Jeff Murray Kenai Peninsula Steelhead: Deep Creek, Anchor River, and more When you think of the Kenai Peninsula, salmon fishing is the first Read More...

Kenai Peninsula Steelhead2021-06-29T11:07:18-08:00

Bamboo Fly Rods: Fish Beautifully

Bamboo Fly Rods blog by Jon LymanPhotos courtesy of Jon Lyman A bamboo fly rod is an heirloom to pass down generationally. With 20 years of Alaska experience building and fishing Read More...

Bamboo Fly Rods: Fish Beautifully2021-05-28T12:43:32-08:00

Evolving with Ryan Sorsdahl: Behind the Vice

Anchorage-based tyer Ryan Sorsdahl abides by one guiding rule at the bench: "Pretty fish deserve pretty flies". Not only are his creations downright gorgeous, they're almost absurdly effective. Learn more about his business, Bigfoot Custom Fly, and some of his signature patterns in the June edition of "Behind the Vice."

Evolving with Ryan Sorsdahl: Behind the Vice2021-05-28T12:22:25-08:00

George Cook, The Legend

Behind the Vice: George Cook, The LegendBlog by Joe Jackson Cook and an early fall “Bow Bow.” I recently tried to explain to my wife why I was so giddy after Read More...

George Cook, The Legend2021-05-20T12:34:03-08:00

Handling Trout

The Importance of Proper Handling of a Trophy TroutBy Nigel Fox, Alaska Drift Away Fishing Reviving a rainbow while measuring length on the measuring board. If there is one thing we Read More...

Handling Trout2021-05-06T10:08:03-08:00
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