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Category: Ice-Fishing Blog

Alaska Ice-Fishing Blog

Here we bring you valuable advice on exciting Ice Fishing Trips, How-to catch Rainbow Trout, and Choosing the Right Fishing Shelters, Augers, Gear and Tackle

Sheefish Primer Blog by Paul D. Atkins Many people ask me about sheefish—what they’re like to catch, eat, how cold it is, but mostly they ask how they can go about getting a chance at catching one themselves. It’s easy, I say, except for getting to where they live and also, like all fishing, if […]

Ice fishing is great way to get the family outside when the lakes are frozen. Here is a short list of 5 must haves to make your time on the ice more pleasant and more productive. by Troy Letherman Fra

The sharp crack followed a dull thud spread a smile across my face as my fishing partner looked out the window to see if the offending tree had hurt anything. She asked, “What’s so funny about

Arguably, ice fishing in Alaska has a few reasons why it is nowhere near as popular when compared to the open water season. Two of which are cold freezing temperatures and bitter arctic wind. When most of the population hears “ice fishing”, they conjure up visions of sitting outside on top of a frozen lake […]

The hardwater fishing season is finally upon us in Alaska. Mother Nature was somewhat reluctant this year to bring in the cold, wintery weather and prevented an early start for vertical jigging, which

Sitting in the morning sun, icefishing trout has to be among the most relaxing fishing experience available; that is, unless your fishing partner happens to be a rabid ice-fishing derby participant. Four years ago, I conned my hunting partner into giving ice fishing a try. The first outing was met with lukewarm reception, but having […]

Blog Post by Troy Letherman Clearly, serious hard-water anglers will need to choose lines dedicated to ice fishing. While many modern superlines will suffice in a pinch and offer some of the character

As we planned for our first ice fishing derby we had no idea we could have left the tackle box at home and did just the same. Blog Post by Jehnifer Ehmann We started early in the morning and had strat

The Adventures of Mac Lightfoot Mac Lightfoot and his good buddy Silver Fox greeted the day with frozen smiles, numbed fingers and sub-zero temperatures. On the menu was an hour plus ride by snow machine to the designated lake to attempt to do their part at thinning the ever-growing pike invasion. As much for the […]
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