Saltwater Fishing in Alaska

Saltwater fishing in Alaska varies extremely due to the thousands of miles of coastline and the different climate conditions around the state. Find blogs by the pros below to get the latest info on saltwater fishing in Alaska.

Halibut Fishing: From the Surf

Halibut fishing blog & photos by Joe Byers Our gang peeks through the day's catch. Halibut Fishing from the Surf—a Ninilchik Launch Is Truly Unique The highlight of our one-week Alaskan Read More...

Halibut Fishing: From the Surf2021-07-01T08:53:21-08:00

Halibut Fishing Tips

Halibut Fishing Tips: Catch More Halibut with Three Simple Steps Blog & Photos by Joe Byers Since Alaskan anglers are limited to a single rod, experimentation with various rigs and baits is difficult.  Read More...

Halibut Fishing Tips2020-10-16T15:12:59-08:00

How to Plan a Cheap Alaska Fishing Trip

How to Plan a Cheap Alaska Fishing Trip: Alaska $1,000 Fishing Road Trip By Joe Byers Alaska $1,000 Fishing Road Trip What?  A week’s fishing in Alaska for $1,000?  Impossible…Not!   I camped with Read More...

How to Plan a Cheap Alaska Fishing Trip2020-10-16T15:12:53-08:00

Fishing in Homer: Maizie’s BIG Trip

Fishing in Homer: Maizie’s BIG Trip by Melissa Norris Fishing in Homer made my list of trips for 2020 early last winter. With a reduction in tourism this summer as an outcome of Read More...

Fishing in Homer: Maizie’s BIG Trip2020-06-09T14:10:04-08:00

Ocean Conditions & King Salmon Populations

Ocean Conditions Blog by George Krumm Photo courtesy of Kodiak Legends Lodge Saltwater kings on Kodiak have seen a good showing in recent years. Kodiak Legends Lodge in Larsen Bay shows off Read More...

Ocean Conditions & King Salmon Populations2020-01-16T16:15:57-09:00

Feeder Kings: Pursuing Saltwater Kings

Feeder Kings blog by John Averill Pursuing saltwater feeder king salmon in southcentral Alaska It was mid-September 2018 in Kenai, Alaska and we were experiencing a 100-year weather event. It had been sunny Read More...

Feeder Kings: Pursuing Saltwater Kings2019-11-20T09:04:10-09:00

How to Catch Halibut

How to Catch Halibut blog by Tim Bouchard Everyone wants to know how to catch halibut. There have been whole books written on this topic and years of trial and error by anglers. Read More...

How to Catch Halibut2019-08-15T12:27:09-08:00

Using Rockfish Descenders

Any rockfish brought up from depths of 60 feet or more will suffer barotrauma. © EcoLeeser Going Down - Descenders for Rockfish Rockfish Descenders blog by George Krumm Rockfish descenders (aka Read More...

Using Rockfish Descenders2019-07-12T14:45:16-08:00

Halibut Fishing Alaska

Halibut is the largest and the most sought-after sportfish in Alaska. Charters, rental boats, and private boats venture out daily during the summer season all across Alaska from Ketchikan to Adak targeting these Read More...

Halibut Fishing Alaska2019-05-28T09:17:59-08:00

The Sitka Experience

By Marcus Weiner When I think of southeast Alaska, I think more water than land. From the endless array of interconnected and protected saltwater bodies to the myriad rivers, streams and lakes found Read More...

The Sitka Experience2017-10-27T15:57:29-08:00

Targeting Trophy Halibut: Video Companion

Randy Wells of Fish Seward Alaska, Inc., is a full time guide/charter operator in both Alaska and Oregon. He recently wrote an article entitled "Targeting Large Halibut: The Timely Use of a Halibut Read More...

Targeting Trophy Halibut: Video Companion2017-10-03T10:36:11-08:00

Kayaking for Silver

Kayaking for Silver Story & Photos by Doug Wilson Valdez outfitter and guide Otto Kulm was doing a Nantucket sleigh ride, silver-salmon style. There wasn't a wake from the bow of his 16-foot Read More...

Kayaking for Silver2018-08-20T13:20:43-08:00

Saltwater Kings

Blog Post by Scott Haugen This blog post comes to us from Fish Alaska contributing editor Scott Haugen, whose many books on angling techniques and tactics are available through his website.  When you Read More...

Saltwater Kings2017-10-27T16:03:13-08:00

Saltwater Observations

  Blog Post by Marcus Weiner Anglers across the state enjoyed success in the saltwater in 2013. From halibut to king salmon, yelloweye rockfish to lingcod, Pacific cod to coho, a trip on Read More...

Saltwater Observations2018-02-14T13:36:52-09:00

Who Does Alaska’s Proposed Catch Sharing Plan Affect?

Catch Sharing Plan: The proposed Catch Sharing Plan (CSP) comment period has ended. It has yet to be ruled on, but if it passes as it stands today, recreational anglers will be affected by the Read More...

Who Does Alaska’s Proposed Catch Sharing Plan Affect?2018-09-27T14:34:32-08:00


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