Alaska’s Top RV Fishing Destinations

Alaska's Top RV Fishing Destinations range from the Kenai Peninsula to Fairbanks by Troy Letherman Alaska's top RV Fishing destinations are as unique as all the different people who take them, with itineraries Read More...

Alaska’s Top RV Fishing Destinations2018-08-20T22:13:25-08:00

Pike Paradise

A Hunt for Monster Yukon River Pike Story and photo by Marcus Weiner "On my planet, we have a sun." It's pushing 90 degrees, Alaska is on fire, and we are on a Read More...

Pike Paradise2018-10-14T21:14:25-08:00

Rip Baits for Spring Dollies

  Story and photos by JD Richey Okay, so most spring fishing opportunities are still a ways off, but there is definitely light at the end of the tunnel. One of the first Read More...

Rip Baits for Spring Dollies2018-01-08T11:22:44-09:00

Lake Trout

Lake trout are called by many different names in the places where they exist. Probably one of the most common is "mackinaw," a word that is just as symbolic of the great north Read More...

Lake Trout2018-09-27T16:25:45-08:00

Shark on the Fly

A Surreal Alaska Experience by Marcus Weiner Photos by Wayne Norris Cordova—In a state known for both its numbers and varieties of sport fish, one species has stayed below the radar of many Read More...

Shark on the Fly2018-08-20T15:15:12-08:00

Shrimp Fever: Catch it!

By Scott Haugen Of Alaska's shellfishing opportunities, nothing is growing like the quest for shrimp. With liberal seasons and limits, recreational users are now buying boats for shrimping, not fishing. "I've never seen Read More...

Shrimp Fever: Catch it!2018-01-08T11:52:42-09:00


Rockfish get little respect, except perhaps as fish and chips. Commonly encountered by Alaskan anglers while salmon or halibut fishing, they are frequently caught on heavy tackle, making fishermen think they are pulling Read More...


Northern Pike: Water Wolf

The northern pike can attain massive sizes, especially in the vast, remote, and virtually unknown watersheds of Alaska's Yukon River drainage. As pike angler Boris Popov says, "Nowhere else in North America can Read More...

Northern Pike: Water Wolf2018-09-25T12:42:01-08:00

Burbot: A Whole Lota Names

Burbot — or Lota lota in scientific terms — have almost as many names as locations in which this scrappy looking fish is found. But no matter what you call them, one thing Read More...

Burbot: A Whole Lota Names2018-09-27T16:45:22-08:00


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