Sitka DIY: Doing Time in the Sitka Silver Mine

Editor George Krumm enjoyed his June 2020 do-it-yourself Sitka trip for kings and halibut through Fish Baranof so much, he just had to go back later in the summer to try a DIY trip for silvers with his sister, Delores and cousin, Tom. The result was heavy fish boxes full of coho and bottomfish for the trip home. If you’re interested in a DIY trip to a location smack dab in the middle of the west coast’s salmon superhighway, plus bountiful halibut and other bottomfish, read this article.

Sitka DIY: Doing Time in the Sitka Silver Mine2021-06-16T10:23:54-08:00

Flashers: Pro-Trollin’ Proficiency

Flashers: Pro-Trollin' Proficiency Story & photos by George Krumm This Chinook couldn't resist a Hot Tamale Original Super Bait. Flashers: the hottest current technique for icing Chinook and coho salmon up Read More...

Flashers: Pro-Trollin’ Proficiency2020-01-17T09:38:10-09:00

Alaska Fishing License Online: How to Fish “Legally” in Alaska

Alaska Fishing License Online: How to Fish "Legally" in Alaska Story By Alaska Wildlife Trooper Dan Gunderson Among others, purchasing an Alaska fishing license online is one of the easiest ways to ensure you're legally Read More...

Alaska Fishing License Online: How to Fish “Legally” in Alaska2020-07-16T12:27:15-08:00

SeaArk and Rogue Jet Boats

Featured Image above: SeaArk Predators can be set-up to be the ultimate jon boats for moose hunters in Alaska, while also remaining capable of running you to remote fish-filled waters just about Read More...

SeaArk and Rogue Jet Boats2017-10-04T14:57:05-08:00

Fish Finder, Friend or Foe?

A fish finder is an instrument used to locate fish underwater by detecting reflected pulses of sound energy. Today’s standards use a graphical display to locate schools of fish, temperature, debris and the Read More...

Fish Finder, Friend or Foe?2018-09-27T15:57:57-08:00

Bear Safety 3

As fishermen in Alaska we have the need to carry bear defense products in various scenarios. When we are fishing and hiking in the backcountry of our great state, there are any number Read More...

Bear Safety 32018-09-27T13:48:42-08:00

Bear Safety 2

Having hiked extensively in bear country Tim Rubbert has also engrossed himself in bear education. He has written two books, Hiking Safely in Grizzly Country and Hiking with Grizzlies: Lessons Learned. Both are Read More...

Bear Safety 22018-09-27T13:31:27-08:00

Bear Safety

With the onset of summer-adventure season in the Last Frontier, May is Bear Awareness month at Fish Alaska. Many places throughout the state bring fishermen and bears together when in pursuit of river Read More...

Bear Safety2018-09-27T13:36:34-08:00

Salmon Season Success

Story & Photos By Troy Buzalsky In the May 2017 issue of Fish Alaska, Troy Buzalsky penned a Boats Column dedicated to helping boating anglers achieve salmon-season success, detailing several techniques to get the job Read More...

Salmon Season Success2018-01-03T14:42:12-09:00


Proper Catch-and-Release Methods Watching a fish flounder before your eyes or watching them bleed out as a result of careless or inadvertently poor handling just isn’t a part of the Alaska fishing package Read More...


King Salmon Flies for Alaska

Tying Instructions for the Top 10 King Flies for Alaska There are just certain king salmon flies that make the top 10 list for their effectiveness. In no particular order the author's favorite Read More...

King Salmon Flies for Alaska2018-09-14T11:50:46-08:00

Trophy King Techniques

Shallow, fast-moving rivers with select pocket-water typify many of Alaska's king salmon streams. And when it comes to king salmon techniques for Alaska, the water commonly dictates the approach anglers will use. Story Read More...

Trophy King Techniques2018-09-26T11:59:04-08:00

Choosing a Saltwater Boat

What to consider when buying a saltwater boat in Alaska by Marcus Weiner Saltwater boats for the Alaska angler come in several shapes and many sizes, ranging from the high-end luxury cabin cruiser Read More...

Choosing a Saltwater Boat2017-10-10T09:38:22-08:00


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