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Finding the perfect Alaska fishing destinations is easy with Fish Alaska guiding you! Find some great day trips, lodge stays, and more below.

Kasilof River Reds

Kasilof River Fishing Story and photos by Nick Ohlrich Are you looking to find an alternative to the shoulder-to-shoulder “combat fishing” found on the Russian and Kenai Rivers in June and July? Read More...

Kasilof River Reds2023-07-26T15:00:23-08:00

Seward Fishing: Alaskan Fishing Adventures

Seward fishing trips combine excellent angling, marine wildlife, scenic mountains and rugged, wild coastline. Halibut, lingcod, rockfish and salmon are all on the menu when you fish from Seward with Alaskan Fishing Adventures. Read More...

Seward Fishing: Alaskan Fishing Adventures2022-05-03T08:34:39-08:00

Savonoski Loop a Solo Adventure

written by Bjorn Dihle, photos by Glen Aronson “From what I had heard, the Savonoski Loop seemed like a totally manageable solo trip,” Glen said. Bristol Bay may be most famous for having Read More...

Savonoski Loop a Solo Adventure2021-11-19T15:12:16-09:00

Kenai River Fishing for Silvers

Kenai River fishing for silvers (AKA coho) salmon is hard to beat in southcentral Alaska. The multitude of river access points, boat launches, lodging, camping, dining, local breweries and more make it an easy fishing destination for Alaskans as well as folks who come to visit from outside Alaska. With a bounty of options, it’s the perfect home base for a Kenai Peninsula-wide experience.

Kenai River Fishing for Silvers2023-07-25T14:28:04-08:00

Camping the Kenai by RV

Camping the Kenai Blog &Photos by Joe Byers After Renting a 24-foot motorhome from GoNorth RV, we headed down Route 1, the main highway transecting the Kenai Peninsula. Exploring Alaska by Read More...

Camping the Kenai by RV2021-09-08T10:06:15-08:00

Halibut Fishing: From the Surf

Halibut fishing blog & photos by Joe Byers Our gang peeks through the day's catch. Halibut Fishing from the Surf—a Ninilchik Launch Is Truly Unique The highlight of our one-week Alaskan Read More...

Halibut Fishing: From the Surf2021-07-01T08:53:21-08:00

Kenai Peninsula Steelhead

Kenai Peninsula Steelhead blog by Nigel FoxPhotos by Jeff Murray Kenai Peninsula Steelhead: Deep Creek, Anchor River, and more When you think of the Kenai Peninsula, salmon fishing is the first Read More...

Kenai Peninsula Steelhead2021-06-29T11:07:18-08:00

A Conversation with Sockeye Salmon Guru Steve Kurian

Today, Steve takes the same pride in fishing for and processing sockeye salmon that he did 20 years ago when he brought those first couple coolers of fillets home. Jenn is both his business and fishing partner.

A Conversation with Sockeye Salmon Guru Steve Kurian2021-06-22T11:30:02-08:00

Bjørn Olson: Fatbiking and Packrafting to Bristol Bay

Fatbiking and Packrafting to Bristol Bay: A Conversation with Bjørn OlsonBlog by Bjorn DihlePhotos Courtesy of Bjørn Olson Packrafts were invaluable for the expedition. A Conversation with Bjørn Olson In 2013, Read More...

Bjørn Olson: Fatbiking and Packrafting to Bristol Bay2021-05-20T13:27:25-08:00

Holitna River Pike

The Holitna River has an overabundance of northern pike. Targeting them either with gear or on the fly, Alaskan Adventures knows where, how and what to use to constantly put fish over 40” on the end of your line.

Holitna River Pike2021-03-02T09:37:21-09:00

Iliamna Lake Monster

Catching the Iliamna Lake Monster by Bjorn Dihle The Iliamna Lake monster is often described as shark-like in appearance. Illustration by Alex Witt. On a calm September day, a group of Read More...

Iliamna Lake Monster2021-02-05T16:18:22-09:00

Kenai Peninsula Fishing in August

Kenai Peninsula Fishing in August By Nigel Fox Chrome-bright rainbow caught August 3rd on the Kenai River. ©Jeff Murray photo. Kenai Peninsula Fishing: July is Great, but August is Even Better Kenai Read More...

Kenai Peninsula Fishing in August2020-07-28T14:19:04-08:00

Kasilof River Kings

Just 15 miles south of the world-famous Kenai River lays a hidden gem that may be a smaller river but has king-size stature.

Kasilof River Kings2023-07-26T15:06:30-08:00


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