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Articles from our remote Alaska fishing trips and tips from the Alaska fishing experts.

Inflatables on the Go

Story by Troy Buzalsky When traveling to remote areas of Alaska for an epic, multi-day, float-fishing journey, the name of the game is planning, including what you take, what you ship, what Read More...

Inflatables on the Go2023-05-01T09:18:08-08:00

Nushagak Sockeye and Kings

Story by Melissa Norris Photos by Brian Woobank Sockeye fishing may not be what the Nushagak is best known for, but the runs have been so off the charts these last couple Read More...

Nushagak Sockeye and Kings2023-01-05T17:55:55-09:00

The Hewescraft Sea Runner and Ocean Pro

The Hewescraft Sea Runner and Ocean Pro Story by Troy Buzalsky Photos by Hewescraft In the evolutionary process of building a better mousetrap, or for this Boats column, a better fishing boat, Read More...

The Hewescraft Sea Runner and Ocean Pro2023-01-03T06:43:54-09:00

Alaska Sea King

Alaska Sea King Story by Troy A Buzalsky Photos by Alaska Sea King Ryder and Piper are perfectly at home whether fishing in their backyard on Alaska’s Lake Lucille or when fishing Read More...

Alaska Sea King2022-12-01T08:33:11-09:00

The Ultimate Boat Flooring Solution

Step Up Your Game: The Ultimate Boat Flooring Solution Story by Troy Buzalsky If you’ve fished long enough and spent adequate time in and around boats, you can appreciate aching legs and Read More...

The Ultimate Boat Flooring Solution2022-10-05T10:17:02-08:00

Boat Accessories for the Salt Water

by Troy A Buzalsky Boat-show season was a huge success this year for both the boating industry and its consumers looking for some new boat accessories, like me. It goes without saying Read More...

Boat Accessories for the Salt Water2022-10-05T10:17:45-08:00

Towing A Boat

By Troy Buzalsky When watching television, I never eagerly anticipate the commercials, unless of course, it’s Super Bowl Sunday. In fact, I have literally worn out my remote control when those annoying paid Read More...

Towing A Boat2022-05-02T12:50:14-08:00

Kodiak Fishing: Blockbuster Bottom Fishing

Article by Melissa Norris / Photos by Brian Woobank & Melissa Norris Variety is the spice of life, they say, and I have enjoyed that concept over the years visiting many cool Read More...

Kodiak Fishing: Blockbuster Bottom Fishing2022-02-04T18:31:17-09:00

Talarik Creek Lodge: Hunting for Trophy Rainbow Trout

Article and Photos by Erik Salitan of Talarik Creek Lodge "Fish On!” I yelled out. My 11-year-old son, Lucas, immediately shouted back from across the hole, “Is it a rainbow?”   I answered Read More...

Talarik Creek Lodge: Hunting for Trophy Rainbow Trout2022-01-12T12:06:42-09:00

Pike Fishing on the Holitna River

written and photos by Dan Paull Pike fishing on the Holitna River is some of the best that Alaska has to offer. Or at least I have been told many times by guests. Read More...

Pike Fishing on the Holitna River2022-01-06T11:01:53-09:00

What are Flies for?

written by Joe Jackson photos by Joe Jackson and Emmie Jackson  I’m staring at my fly box—one of several, I should say—at the end of yet another season that I’m still perplexed is Read More...

What are Flies for?2022-01-06T10:48:12-09:00

Derek Fergus: The Future of Fly Tying

Written by Joe Jackson photos courtesy of Derek Fergus It’s July 7th, 2003, and the night sky around Cape Canaveral Air Force Base in Florida is suddenly whelmed in fire. The National Air Read More...

Derek Fergus: The Future of Fly Tying2022-01-12T12:04:47-09:00

Mark Hieronymus is Behind the Vice

Mark Hieronymus is a self-proclaimed “fish translator,” and his mentality for fly creation is refreshingly simple: The fish will tell you whether something works or not. It follows, then, that his resume of Read More...

Mark Hieronymus is Behind the Vice2021-11-10T12:32:24-09:00

Life of a Sockeye

Written by Bjorn Dihle Photos by Jonny Armstrong and Bjorn Dihle   On July 22nd, 2021, news broke that Bristol Bay was having its biggest sockeye salmon return since recordkeeping began in 1893. Read More...

Life of a Sockeye2021-11-10T12:31:27-09:00


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