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Anchorage Lakes

Fishing in Anchorage Lakes by Dustin Slinker Open Water Fishing in Anchorage Lakes (April-October) Many of the lakes in the Anchorage bowl are easily accessed, with ample shoreline to fish along and public Read More...

Anchorage Lakes2019-02-21T12:17:18-09:00

Anchorage, Alaska Fishing Articles

Read fishing articles from the Anchorage area to help plan your next fishing trip! Anchorage Angling Anchorage Alaska Angling in the Big City Campbell Creek Read More...

Anchorage, Alaska Fishing Articles2018-02-23T12:26:22-09:00

Anchorage Fish Stocking Update

More Anchorage: Overview Articles Businesses Fish Stocking Updates Ship Creek Fishing Report   Alaska Fish Stocking Update for Anchorage Alaska Lake Fishing Information  

Anchorage Fish Stocking Update2018-02-13T10:05:06-09:00

Anchorage, Alaska

Story by Troy Letherman Alaska is unique, so it only makes sense that the state’s largest city is one of a kind as well. A thriving urban center home to more than a Read More...

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Recommended Anchorage Services

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Fishing in Anchorage

Visit Anchorage, Alaska; a thriving urban center with access to a myriad of wilderness experiences. More Anchorage: Overview Articles Businesses Fish Stocking Updates Ship Creek Fishing Report Anchorage Overview For visitors to Alaska Read More...

Fishing in Anchorage2023-03-08T14:06:10-09:00

William “Jack” Hernandez Fish Hatchery

Article by George Krumm In 2003 and 2005, the Fort Richardson Hatchery and the Elmendorf Fish Hatchery lost their source of heat to warm water due to the closure of the Elmendorf and Read More...

William “Jack” Hernandez Fish Hatchery2018-11-29T09:42:34-09:00

Tight Lines: Campbell Creek

Article by Kalb Stevenson, PhD Campbell Creek As the snow melts each year and spring gives way to summer, I know that I will again find myself daydreaming about walking the banks of Read More...

Tight Lines: Campbell Creek2018-11-29T09:42:53-09:00

Anchorage Angling

Article by Jody Ellis-Knapp A fishing vacation in Alaska is every angler’s dream. Rushing rivers, leaping salmon and clear mountain air are just a few of the things one might envision. But there Read More...

Anchorage Angling2018-11-29T09:19:12-09:00

Fish Anchorage, Alaska

Angling in the Big City Story and Photos by Scott Haugen As our plane descended into Anchorage, a buddy turned and asked about the fishing opportunities in the city.  “I have a nine-hour Read More...

Fish Anchorage, Alaska2018-12-11T16:06:39-09:00

24 Hours in the City

Laid Over But Not Laid Up By Troy Letherman You see it every day as an Alaskan, maybe even too often. We are inured to a way of life all our own, inundated Read More...

24 Hours in the City2018-11-29T10:08:35-09:00
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