Anchorage Fishing Report

August 21, 2021
The Bait Shack
Grayson is up visiting from Portland before his school year starts. He manages to land a nice silver using a Pixiee. This fish was on the chomp!! What a great way to end the summer!!  Congratulations on your catch Grayson. Fish On!

August 20, 2021
The Bait Shack
Alana B nailed this coho on the second cast. Silvers are still in the creek, but they are being a little picky. Dylan has been working hard to stay in the fish with clients. Bait bite has been a little tough the past couple of tides. D1 says it’s good to mix in a little hardware from time to time. This fish was chasing the Vibrax up to the bank. Job well done on getting this wonderful coho to the next. Congratulations on your success.  Fresh fillets headed home to the grill. Fish On!

You gotta love being stationed in the military up here in Anchorage. Some great Coho fishing right in your back yard. Ethan M. was able to get his bobber to drop with a little #creekcandy Congratulations on your success. Keep hammering silvers. Fish On!

Kelly was up visiting from Florida the other day and was super pumped to hit the water to land herself a Coho! Jake had her working a #4 Vibrax. It didn’t take long for this silver to smash it.  Gotta love it when they are still carrying some sea lice. Congratulations on your catch!! Fish On!

August 18, 2021
The Bait Shack
We wanted to send a big shout and thank you to our team member Nathan. Nathan spent his last free day of the summer out chasing some silvers, before heading back to the classroom. Thanks for all your hard work this summer. Looking forward to smashing some big trout this fall. Good luck luck to everyone returning to the classroom. Fish On!

August 17, 2021
The Bait Shack

Advisory Announcement

(Released: August 17, 2021 – Expires: December 31, 2021) CONTACT: Jay Baumer

Area Management Biologist

(907) 267-2265

Ship Creek Coho Salmon Limits Increased

(Anchorage) – The Alaska Department of Fish and Game (ADF&G) is increasing the bag and possession limit for coho salmon, 16 inches or greater in length, to six fish in the Ship Creek drainage from its mouth upstream to a cable 100 feet downstream of the Chugach Power Plant dam. This regulation change is effective at 12:01 a.m. Thursday, August 19 through 11:59 p.m. Friday, December 31, 2021. The bag and possession limit for salmon, other than king and coho salmon, remains at three fish and is included in the total limit of six coho salmon.

“Things are looking good for meeting coho salmon brood stock needs at the hatchery and coho salmon keep coming into Ship Creek with each tide,” stated Area Management Biologist Jay Baumer. “With the anticipation of meeting hatchery needs, it is time to increase the bag and possession limits to allow anglers an opportunity to harvest surplus fish.”

Currently, it is estimated that over 2,500 coho salmon have made it upstream of the sport fishery. This will fulfill the William Jack Hernandez Sport Fish Hatchery coho salmon brood stock goal and natural spawning requirements for Ship Creek. Therefore, it is justified to increase coho salmon bag limits to provide anglers an additional opportunity to harvest surplus fish entering Ship Creek.

For additional information, please contact Area Management Biologist Jay Baumer at (907) 267-2265. #21-3229

August 16, 2021
The Bait Shack


This is why we love what we do!! 

Posted by @meghancard

Took my just turned 6 and 2 year olds down to ye old creek this morning and my oldest landed a nice little chromer all by himself on a size 4 Vibrax. First silver he’s hooked and landed himself. Bonked it and bled it and then took it up to Mr. Dustin to weigh. Shout out to all the guys at the Bait Shack for being so awesome and kid friendly! My kids love going there! Waders and Grundens = happy, dry kids too and my two year old was perfectly happy the whole time plunking his “bait” (a rubber core weight) in and out of the creek. Tight lines and fish on, especially all of the young little fish heads! Congratulations on your sweet success. Hooked for Life!

August 12, 2021
The Bait Shack

Bobber and eggs putting the smack down on the silvers. Gotta love these early morning tides with a little rain and overcast. Congratulations to Bryan And Eric on their success. Fresh chrome headed to the grill. Rentals finding the fish. Cured eggs under a float on the tide. Bobber Down!

August 11, 2021
The Bait Shack

Talk about putting the hurt on some silvers. When the bobbers weren’t dropping, the Vibrax  was getting the fish to bite. (Have you ever tried putting some of the Fire Gel on the blade?). Bait bite did pop off for a bit. #creekcandy under a float making these St. Croix rods bend and the Penn reels sing!!Plenty of fresh Ship Creek Coho headed back to the grill. Brian R. was visiting from Fl. Taylor was beating the Texas heat and Chris has a lot g flight back to Massachusetts. It was a good day in the water for these gentlemen. Congratulations on your catch! Bobber Down!

August 10, 2021
The Bait Shack
Who says fishing a spinner in the low fast water won’t work? I’ve learned with Ship Creek, never say never! Miah M is up visiting from Wyoming and found a little luck in the low water with a chartreuse spinner on one of our Penn rods. Congratulations on your catch Miah. 

August 7, 2021
The Bait Shack

Final Coho Rodeo Leader Updates: 

1st James Jinho Hyun 3/21.62lb

2nd Bryce Xiong 3/20.95lb    

3rd Jason Manas 3/19.80lb 

4th Hayden Thompson 3/18.34lb

5th Kendrick Xiong 3/18.20lb

6th Isaac Moua 3/18.14lb

We have been seeing plenty of chrome stringers full of fish. We even have a couple stringers that only have two fish on them. Could get interesting. Just a friendly reminder, Must have your fish up at the Shack by 7:00pm!  We will be doing the award presentations tonight at 8:000pm over at the Kings Landing. See you there. Fish On!

Making them Drop!! Rentals are tagging a few Chromers! Nick R. found some sweet chrome success down on the creek with a little #creekcandy under a float. Congratulations Nick. Bobber Down!

Brian M was dead set to catch some Ship Creek Cohos. Armed with some rental gear and some orange Nitro bait, we made sure he was able to feel the fight of these awesome fish. First time hitting the banks and it wasn’t long until he had a couple nice ones on the stringer. Congratulations on your catch Brian. Bobber Down!

The Jones family really wanted to experience some salmon fishing while visiting Alaska. Well their son Parker really wanted to catch a salmon. Jake is all about helping make dreams come true!  We wanted to make sure to send them back to Atlanta happy campers. Plenty of action on the creek. Lots of fish to the next. Parker caught his first fish. He was all about the #bobberdown. Congratulations to the Jones Family on their successful outing and lifelong memories. Fish On!

Aaron, Carson, and Jared are up visiting from the lower 48. They had one mission, that was to put a hurting on some Ship Creek Silvers. Dylan took them down to the creek and gave them a little taste of that Shack Life. Limits of Silvers for everyone. 9 Silvers caught on Blue Fox Vibraxs with the blades covered in Pautzke Bait Company Fire Gel. Way to fill the cooler boys. Fish On!

August 3, 2021
The Bait Shack
If you see little Lilly on the creek be sure to tell her congratulations. She landed her first Ship Creek Coho on her very own. She is very proud of her catch and it was awesome that she brought it up to show it off. Congratulations Lilly!! Fish On!

August 2, 2021
The Bait Shack
Sometimes I even get let out the shack to do a little fishing. I actually call it “Reel Therapy”. I’ve been ordered 30 minutes a day from the fish doctors. Found a nice chromer on the outgoing tide. It was a good day for sure. 2 Chrome Cohos and 9 other bobber down, in less than 17 minutes.  That’s what we call “Reel Therapy”!

Mike has been in the fish. Not only with clients, but after hours and before work. Our guides keep their finger on the pulse of the fish in Ship Creek. If you see them down on the banks hit them up if you have any questions. They are here to help and love seeing other catching fish too. Congratulations boys on the fresh chrome. Bradley W. and Dionte C. found a little success and have some fresh fillets headed to the grill. Mike showing his limit. Plenty of Bobbers Down!  Wicked Lures and Blue Fox Vibrax. Gotta give the fish what they want. Congratulations on your catch. Fish On!

August 1, 2021
The Bait Shack
Tami was quick see what the #bobberdown was all about. Jake did not waste any time getting her into some fresh chrome. The silvers were on the bite and Tami dropped several chromers at the bank. #creekcandy is making some bobbers drop. Bobber Down!

Meat Haul!!! It’s what we have been doing. D1 putting the smack down with clients using a trusty Vibrax with a little Pautzke Bait Company FireGel on the blades. Fish On!

July 31, 2021
The Bait Shack

We love it when our friend Sean is up visiting. He picks up exactly where he left off from his previous year trip.  Right back into the fish. Congratulation Sean for stacking up the fillets to take back home to Florida. Fish On!

July 30, 2021
The Bait Shack

Bobber Down! Nick D. was able to get a couple of chromers to smash the bait. Caught on a float using some fresh #creekcandy. Bobber Down!

July 28, 2021
The Bait Shack

Looks like the boys were getting after it on their day off this past weekend. They say they will sleep this winter. There is chrome in the creek that needs to get caught. They had bobbers dropping and chromers chasing the Vibrax. Stay on the fish guys. Fish On!

July 25, 2021
The Bait Shack
Alex is reel deal!! He has been chasing fish around Alaska this entire month. The two fish that were on his bucket list was a Ship Creek King and a Ship Creek Coho. Well let’s slap a check mark on that one also. Alex was all about persistence and not loosing hope. He cameback for another tide and that famous one last cast. Success!!! Caught on a Columbia River Tackle jig head some soft plastics. This coho hit it like a freight train. Job well done Alex. Super pumped that your mission to the creek were a success. I’m sure we will be seeing you again on your future visit. Until then…Tight Lines and Fish On!

July 18, 2021
The Bait Shack
Dime Bright! Jake took Joe B. down for a tide in search of some fresh cohos. Plenty of action and missed opportunities. Joe did connect with this chromer using an orange Blue Fox Vibrax. Congratulations Joe. Fish On!

July 16, 2021
The Bait Shack
Silvers and Pinks for days!! What’s your plans for the weekend?Fish On!

July 15, 2021
The Bait Shack
Now we’re talking. Limits! Coho Salmon are in the creek. It was great catching up with Spath as he swung through in search of some from chrome cohos. It didn’t take him long to find some fresh eager silvers that were willing to chase a vibrax. Limited out in less than 30 minutes. Way to get the job done Spath. BFaV • Airborne • Fish On!

July 11, 2021
The Bait Shack
D2 putting in some work on the creek for this incoming tide. Dropping bobbers and setting hooks. That’s kind of our game plan. Stay tuned as we may bring a little 3D action to the fillet table this week. Bobber Down!

July 10, 2021
The Bait Shack
D1 putting some fresh chrome Coho on the table tonight. Bobbers dropped on the incoming. Hope you are ready! Fish On!

July 9, 2021
The Bait Shack

If you happened to be around the shack yesterday afternoon, you felt positive atmosphere and one of many reason we truly love what we are blessed to do everyday!! This young your angler was visiting from California. His Alaska bucket list fish. Our conversation was epic. From what he likes to fish for back home to the lures he has saved his money for and purchased to bring with on his trip. There was one specific lure he was really proud of and knew all the specs for. It was a Storm 360 search bait. He told us he was going to go down and catch a King with it. 3rd cast and it was Fish On!  The search bait found a king and another young angler is hooked for life. From the fist pumps in the air during the fight, right up to walking the fish in the net; this young angler was getting it done. Congratulation on your success. Fish On!

July 7, 2021
The Bait Shack
BaitShack_7-7 Felix was not disappointed in his outing on the creek with our guide Jake. It didn’t take long to find a long that was ready to chomp. There is something about watching your bobber drop just as you begin the drift. Armed with the proper knowledge and a little practical experience, I am sure we will be seeing Felix back on the creek chasing silvers in no time. Congratulations on your catch Felix. Fish On!

July 6, 2021
The Bait Shack

Taco Tuesday!!!  That’s what we’re talking about. Jax-King Taco’s!!  They really do not get any fresher then this. Jake has been working the creek hard with clients and still finding some fish. Congratulations to both Adam and Jennifer on their catch. Way to get the job done. 

July 5, 2021
The Bait Shack
We hope everyone had a wonderful and safe 4th of July weekend!!! Picking up right where we left off. Dylan  made sure to put a on Alex’s must do Alaska list. What a chromer!!  Tipping the scale 16.2 lb. Alex was about setting the hook. He was making sure this fish was getting in the net. Good job Alex. Caught on a Kwikfish coated in some Pautzke Bait Company herring Fire Gel behind a St. Croix Rods Tidemaster. Fish On!

June 29, 2021
The Bait Shack

One of the coolest things about hanging around the shack is you never know who is gonna walk through the door. Be sure to check out the link below and see what @deermeatfordinner was up to. Fish On!

We have a pretty solid crew of humbled guides working the creek daily. Hooking fish, netting fish and helping anglers out. That is what we are here for. We are a resource for all you anglers out there. Struggling to find a King?  Swing by to chat with us. We are here to help.  There are still plenty of chrome kings in the water. Your net man keep knocking your fish off?  Holler the next time you got one on. Still learning or have questions about curing bait or filleting your catch?  These guys will help. We are on the water daily fishing, bending rods and having fun. Be sure to check out Jake, Dylan and Mike on  IG/FB. @fishingwithgarms @dylaska49 @mikeholland81. They are some fishy dudes. Fish On!

June 28, 2021
The Bait Shack
Gotta love it when the anglers who are renting gear pay close attention to the block of instructions we give before hitting the water. It pays off!!! This chrome king is headed to the grill in Cali. Talk about a happy angler. He is already sending out the invites to who is coming over for some fresh Alaska King Salmon. Caught on #creekcandy during the outgoing tide. Fish On!

I would say this mornings tide was a decent one. We saw plenty of fish being landed. I even managed to get one in the net. Went 1 for 3 in 10 minutes of fishing. Caught with some #creekcandy off the bottom behind a spin-n-glo. This guy had a lot of fight in him and had my wild river rod bent over. Maybe I will score some more chrome tomorrow. Fish On!

June 27, 2021
The Bait Shack
Andrew B. hasn’t given up just yet. Feeling the time was right on the tide last night he manages to put his first ship creek king in the net. Congratulations on your catch Andrew!

Who else is still fishing the tide and finding some sweet chrome success? Fish On!

June 26, 2021
The Bait Shack
Roger is continuing to put the hammer down on some kings. Check out this 22lb buck he picked up using some of his own home brewed eggs with Pautzke Bait Company FireCure. Good job Roger! Start thinking about the silvers. Fish On!

Michael A. found a king that was a little blush. This 18.09lber still had a lot of fight left. Way to get it to the net. Fish On!

Amber was all about setting the hook this morning! Check out this dime bright chromer she out in the net. Way to get the job done. Congratulations on your catch. 

Dan is up visiting from Chicago and had a few hours to fish this morning before attending a wedding. It didn’t take him long find this nice 16lb hen on the outgoing tide. #creekcandy off the bottom behind a spin-n-glo. 

June 23, 2021
The Bait Shack

June 18, 2021
Chasing Tales Guide Service

Well it’s been a roller coaster the last 2 days. We have had big fish on in the morning and lost them. We did land 10 fish yesterday. We left most of the fish in the water and didn’t get pictures so they release better.

June 17, 2021
The Bait Shack

A couple more nice chrome kings on the board. There were even a few fish that moved onto the leader board. Caleb Jennings managed to land a nice 27.00lb King, which will put him in 3rd place in the men’s division and 4th overall biggest king. Maria Robinson snuck into second place in the women’s division with a nice 25.65lb king. Congratulations to all the anglers that are out on the water having fun and catching some kings. Only two more days left of the Slam’n Salm’n Derby. It only takes one cast. You could be the next derby winner. Fish On!

Marcia S. is up visiting from #florida. She linked up with our guide Jake for a fun morning on the creek. It didn’t take long to find a fish that was ready for battle. Marcia was holding tight in first place of the women’s division of the Slam’n Salm’n Derby with her 1st Ship Creek King weighing in at 19.70lbs. Congratulations Marcia. Fish On!

We may be a little slow with posting up some derby pics. I can assure you it is not due to any shortage of fish or fish pictures. The creek has really been fishing good and the bite has been on. Congratulations to all the anglers who are out hitting the water and putting in the time. The gold is stil up for grabs. Fish On!

June 15, 2021
The Bait Shack
D squared was out there dropping the hammer down on some Kings that were all about chomping on some #creekcandy. Dave is up visit from Ohio and linked up with our guide Dylan for a good morning on the creek. It didn’t take long to get the kings on the bite. As soon as the bait hit the water and settled on the bottom, Dave was putting a bend in the St. Croix Rods. Line was peeling off the reel as this big buc was trying to bug out. Dave was amped up for the fight and battle the fish to the net like a champ. You are looking at the new Slam’n Salm’n Derby leader with this 29.90lb King. Be sure to get out and cast a line to help others. Congratulations Dave on your catch. Fish On!

Check out Gavin and his King!! Always awesome to see the youngsters out on the water hammering the fish. Keep up the good job bud! Fish On!

June 14, 2021
The Bait Shack
We had another wonderful King Salmon checked in without a derby ticket. Caught this morning in the tide. This big buck hit the scales at 28lbs and some change. Be sure to pick up your derby ticket today. Slam’n Salm’n Derby runs through the 19th. Get out and Fish. Fish On!

June 13, 2021
Chasing Tales Guide Service

Great day on the water. 4 fish landed. Lost a few also.

June 13, 2021
The Bait Shack
Man was this morning tide loaded with some nice kings. We even watched the leader board change a couple times. Robert Kline took over the lead with the heaviest King hitting the scales at 27.15lbs. We saw over 40 kings on this morning tide. Let’s hope we some some more big toads tonight. Congratulations to all anglers that were out this morning finding success on the creek. The 1oz Gold Nugget and $1000 cash is still up for grabs. Fish On!

Kicking day 3 of the derby off right! Fish On!

June 12, 2021
The Bait Shack

Genevieve B.  is currently the Slam’n Salm’n Derby leader with this 23.05 lb King she picked up this morning on the tide with bait. Congratulations on landing this nice King Genevieve! Fish On!

Derby Update: We have been seeing plenty of Kings being brought up. Looks like the tides are producing some nice fish. Be sure to swing by the shack and grab your derby ticket today. Congratulations to all the anglers that have been bring up the chrome. Fish On!

June 12, 2021
Chasing Tales Guide Service

Boom! We found the fish this afternoon. KODIAK CUSTOM FISHING TACKLE The Point Lodge 3 Rivers Fly and Tackle Muskie Bumper

June 10, 2021
Chasing Tales Guide Service

Caught this beauty right in front of the lodge a year ago today. The Point Lodge 3 Rivers Fly and Tackle KODIAK CUSTOM FISHING TACKLE Simms Fishing Products Columbia River Tackle Muskie Bumper

June 8, 2021
Chasing Tales Guide Service

Been getting a few fish every day. Mostly 18-24” fish. Got one bigger 31” fish yesterday. The day before we landed this fat 35” beast. Call today for open dates. This Saturday just opened up! 503-706-8205 3 Rivers Fly and Tackle The Point Lodge Columbia River Tackle KODIAK CUSTOM FISHING TACKLE Muskie Bumper Simms Fishing Products