The Bait Shack
August 19, 2018

Cal R. and his buddy from WI were looking to do a little last minute fishing Friday afternoon. Well the Silvers showed up and didn’t disappoint us. We keep our rods bent and bobbers sunk. Each of them managed a nice pair of Ship Creek Chrome. Bobber Down! Fish On!

Still getting it done! Fishing is slowing down but we’re still finding a few chromers. 

Hassan I. is pretty excited to be taking some Fresh Alaskan Coho back to Michigan. Bobber Down! Fish On!

The Bait Shack
August 18, 2018

Will B. of WA picked up some rental gear and managed a nice Ship Creek Silver Salmon on this afternoons incoming tide. Bait and Bobbers didn’t let him down. Hopefully he finds a couple more tonight. Bobber Down! Fish On!

The Bait Shack
August 17, 2018

Just another Friday Evening down at The Bait Shack. Gotta keep the bobbers dropping! Fish On!

The Bait Shack
August 16, 2018

You gotta love it when they come ready to fish and don’t mind a little rain. This young lady put the hurt on a nice Chrome Ship Creek Coho. Once again getting it done on the guide and making memories to last. Bobber Down! Fish On!

The Bait Shack
August 15, 2018

These two ladies put the hurting on some Ship Creek Cohos. They were just as excited to watch the bobbers drop as we were. They set the hooks and got them to the next. More fresh Silvers headed to the grill. Great Job Ladies. Bobber Down! Fish On!

Another great morning on the Creek making some bobbers drop. On a strict time line but we still got it done. It was a great morning on the water with these two. Memories headed home with dad back to Japan while his daughter gets to take the fresh Salmon fillets home to NC. Awesome Job! Bobber Down! Fish On!

The Bait Shack
August 14, 2018

A few nice Ship Creek Silvers from the past couple days guided trips. We are still putting the hammer down and making some bobbers drop. Bobber Down! Fish On!

The Bait Shack
August 13, 2018

Here for work, these Airmen found their way to the Shack and signed up for a trip. It didn’t take long to make some bobbers drop. Check out the honker on that Silver. Bobber Down! Fish On!

The Bait Shack
August 12, 2018

It’s awesome having kids on our trips who not only love the mud but can put he hammer down on some Ship Creek Silvers. Bobber Down! Fish On!

The Bait Shack
August 6, 2018

We strive to keep our clients rods bent, smiling and plenty of fresh Chrome to take home. This awesome. couple from Iowa managed to find their limits of fresh Ship Creek Coho using Bait and Bobbers. Fish On!

Another Bobber Down! Another nice Ship Creek Silver Salmon headed to South Florida. It’s great watching rentals smacking some fish around. Fish On!

The Bait Shack
August 5, 2018

Chomp, Chomp, Chomp! Another tank pulling the bobber Down. Glad to see success and landing some nice Chrome Coho’s. Bobber Down! Fish On!

Fresh Silver Salmon headed back to FL. It’s nice to see young anglers eager to try their luck and find success. Another nice Ship Creek Coho. Bobber Down! Fish On!

You gotta love it when the bait bite turns on. Stained hands and big smiles. That’s what it is all about. Fish On!

The Bait Shack
August 4, 2018

Today’s tide saw some nice fish. The Silvers this year are a little thick. Looks like the run is doing good and showing no signs of slowing down. Fish On!

It is hard to believe this young lady was 76 years old. She came to us because she wanted to catch a Silver Salmon in Anchorage. Well we delivered. She was thrilled and impressed just how much pull these chromers have. We were also impressed that she didn’t mind the mud at all. Great job. Fish On!

This young man was super stoaked to yell Bobber Down! You can see it in his smile. Way to put the hammer down buddy. Bait under a bobber on the tide. Fish On!

The Bait Shack
August 2, 2018

The Bait Shack
August 1, 2018

Analisa C. of CA has been putting Chrome Silvers on the bank all week. It’s awesome seeing the youngsters bring in some fish. Keep it up young lady. Bobber Down! Fish On!

The Bait Shack
July 31, 2018

Quick layover + Rental Gear + Bait = a nice Ship Creek Silver Salmon in the net. This one is headed back to NV to be put on the grill. Bobber Down! Fish On!

PJ managed to land this nice chromer. Great looking Silver. Keep after it buddy and fill that freezer. Fish On!

We had a pretty good tide with a group from South Korea yesterday morning. Plenty of bait and bobbers going down on Ship Creek. Great Job guys. Bobber Down! Fish On!

The Bait Shack
July 29, 2018

There is always some excitement around the Shack. I was pretty honored to meet Ron Graham today. 

Ron is a Gyotaku artist and makes prints of the fish that he catches. He picked my brain for a bit about fishing the Creek. 

Later he returned with this print of a Silver he caught on his trip. Truly stoked. 

I will get a gram for it and put it up in the Shack. Be sure to swing in and check it out. Fish On!

Another nice Ship Creek Coho caught on the tide this morning. Josh P. of Anchorage was on the banks bright and early. Vibrax seem to be catching a few nice chromers. Fish On!

Attention Salmon Heads,

We need to give a big shout out to Noah. This is Noah’s first Alaskan Salmon!

Purple size 3 vibrax got him last Wed night right before midnight. 

He felt like he was cursed. He’s been fishing regularly on base and had initial success, but then drought city since late May. So like a 2 month drought. We got skunked during King season, went to the Russian on the 4th and got nothing, and we went out halibut fishing on a buddy’s zodiac, and he was the only one skunked on that. So this fish was not only a nice catch, it was redemption for him. He got another silver and a nice pink yesterday on his birthday too. Great Job Noah. Keep it up. Hardest one to get is the first one. Fish On!!! Thanks Joel S. for sending the picture and story so we could share with everyone.

We really enjoy helping others to figure out how to catch fish. This young lady came down to learn how to fish Ship Creek with us the other day. 

Well it paid off. A day later she was back on the water implementing what she had learned. Didn’t take long for the bobbers to start dropping. Great looking fish. Bobber Down! Fish On!

The Bait Shack
July 26, 2018

Joshua A. Managed to get himself some fresh Chrome. Makes for a nice dinner. Good job buddy. Fish On!

I love it when kids are hitting fish. It defiantly creates a memory that lasts a lifetime. Two nights in a row these guys have been successful with some rental gear, bait and bobbers. Great job. Bobber Down! Fish On!

Happy as could be. Smiles say it all. Plenty of fish in the creek. Mike was able to put a few Silvers in the table. Good job. Fish On!

The Bait Shack
July 26, 2018

All this young man wanted to do was come to Alaska and put the hammer down on some Salmon. He has followed along with a lot of the videos we have down in the past. Well it became reality this morning as the bait bite turned on and he got on the bobber Down program. It was fast and furious with plenty of Silver hitting the net. Great Job. Get ready for round two.

The Bait Shack
July 24, 2018

This little lady was determined to land a silver salmon. Her father brought her into the shack and picked up a bobber set up. She wasn’t even in the water for 10 minutes. Boom…..Bobber Down! Fish On!

We had a pretty good night on the tide. Rentals were smacking some fish around. Great night for some Bobber downs. Fish On!

Ashley L. picked up her first Silver Salmon in the outgoing tide last night with a Blue Fox Vibrax #4. Great job. Keep getting after the fish. Fish On!

The Bait Shack
July 23, 2018

You gotta love it when youngsters enjoy spending all their time on the water chasing fish. Jayden managed to land this nice chromer on tonight’s tide. You could hear him yelling Bobber Down, loud and clear on the Creek. Great fish.

This is why we do it. Looks like last-nights instructional trip paid off. This young man had the know how and confidence to come back done and fish for some more Ship Creek Salmon. After losing one he manage to land this nice chromer. Great job. This past weekend we had a family visiting from Texas and they really wanted to catch some Salmon. Especially the little one. Well we managed to make some bobbers drop and rods bend. Plenty of fresh fish headed back to Tx and memories to last a lifetime. Great job guys. Bobber Down! Fish On!

The Bait Shack
July 21, 2018

Jimmie S. sent us picture of some of his Ship Creek Chrome. Keep after it. Seems like there are plenty of fish moving in the creek. Fish On!

It was fun having this group fishing with us from China. We were able to get all of their rods bent and yell Fish On in two different languages.

Watching bobbers drops and landing fish is universal. We simply fish the best rods on earth. #stcroixrods stay bent. Tide Master and Wild Rivers getting the job done!

Bobber Down! Fish On!

The Bait Shack
July 20, 2018

It’s great when you have a self entertaining crew on the Creek to fish. It makes everything a little more interesting. We had plenty of bobbers dropping and mud flying. Fresh Silvers helping make memories and big smiles. Bobber Down! Fish On!

The Bait Shack
July 19, 2018

1 Fish, 2 Fish, there is nothing like some fresh Chrome Fish. Gotta love looking at Anchorage in the background of your fresh catch. Fish On!

A late update from the other night. Robert says there a few fish pushing through the creek. He managed to pick one up working some hardware and the other one in the low moving water. Keep getting after the fish Robert. Fish On!

Zack D. managed to pick up two silvers today on his Vibrax. He said one was on the incoming and the other was on the outgoing tide. Great job! Fish On!

Just landed at 1am and 9am, Mike had his first Silver Salmon on the fillet table. Incoming tide was producing some nice Coho’s. Fish On!

Sometimes you just gotta throw down on some BIG Ship Creek Coho’s. 

Fatima from Chi-Town was all about it. Another nice chromer headed to the grill. Great Job Young Lady! Fish On!

The Bait Shack
July 17, 2018

Must of been the lucky Bait Shack hat. Victoria E had plenty of opportunities before sealing the deal with this one yesterday. Outgoing tide with bait under a float. Bobber Down! Fish On! (TheBaitShack_7-17.jpg)

No Comment (TheBaitShack_7-17b.jpg)

Yesterday was a good day on the creek. Plenty of smiles, memories and Fish On! This lil gal went straight to the grill.

The Bait Shack
July 15, 2018

David M. of Florida was all smiles when he connected and landed this nice Chrome Coho. Throwing down on some chunks and getting the job done with a Wild River rod. Fresh FireCured eggs under a float on the incoming tide. Bobber Down!

The Bait Shack
July 14, 2018

Chad W and Jonny H getting their Silver Fishing on this morning on Ship Creek. Bait under a float and Vibrax got the job done. Bobber Down! Fish On!

Nothing like putting some Chrome on the table first thing in the morning. Fish On!

The Bait Shack
July 10, 2018

A quick update from Robert on the Tailrace. Shrimp under a float produces reds. 

Some say that sockeye will not bite, but it has been proven year after year out at Eklutna, hang a piece of shrimp under a float and watch it disappear. 

Keep up the good work Robert. Keep after the fish. Bobber Down, Fish On! 


The Bait Shack
July 3, 2018

Some more local coverage. It’s sad the King return is poor but don’t count us out. We still have the second half of the summer to fish with Silvers, Pinks and Chums on their way.