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Category: Adventures of Mac Lightfoot Blog Series

Steelhead Fishing Bloopers: Adventures of Mac Lightfoot Blog Series by Mac Lightfoot For Mac, steelhead fishing is the pinnacle of cold-water sportfishing. He’s already spent time at Rainbow Trout Anonymous getting off the ‘bow addiction, but the anadromous version of said species is just too much for Mac’s addictive personality. So the itch is strong […]
Having climbed, crawled and waded into a career chasing fish and game across the great state of Alaska, one might flirt with the notion that it’s all about chromers and critters for Mac and those like him, a motley crew of misanthropes, miscreants, misguided liquor enthusiasts and outright con men who would rather bend a […]
Mac’s fascination with trout began at age 10 when he pulled a 6-inch brook trout from a stream in the Adirondacks. One day fishing the mainstem that said stream fed, one of Mac’s college roommates pulled an 18-inch brown trout out of the river and Mac was astonished. The previous decade of experience reinforced that […]
Sniper earned his nickname honestly. He and Mac were on the stalk of a nice spike-fork blacktail deer and needed to close from 500 to about 200 yards before attempting the shot. Problem was the deer was sitting on the hillside looking down at the pair as they side-sloped their way towards the wary buck. […]
The Adventures of Mac Lightfoot Mac and Silver were out cruising the road system one day considering where to wet a line. It was mid October, that time when trout are looking for a last meal and ice will soon form over the tops of the lakes. The thermometer read abalmy 18 degrees, at this […]

The Adventures of Mac Lightfoot Back in Mac’s Cheechako days, when he cavorted with the likes of Rusty Hook and Dr. Sucrets, suicide runs to the Russian River were commonplace. After a day’

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