Special Sale Price $8,295

Clackacraft Drift Boats made an excellent decision when they brought back their old school 16’ High Side drift boat. This classic drift boat has the same Gulf Stream Bottom and Tunnel Hull as well as the 100-year warranty Clackacraft is well known for. It features built in rod tubes and a motoring rear transom to give the operators the ability to center the rear seat or offsetting the seat for use with the trolling motor.

Like all Clackacrafts the 16’ High Side comes with 50’ of anchor rope, a 30-pound pyramid anchor and a customized Clackacraft boat trailer.

But, unlike the Clackacraft low profile boat and its 19-inch sidewall or the standard sided boats with the 23-inch high sides, the 16’ High Side features 30-inch sides making it one of the most forgiving boats on the river.
If running big white water rivers or even less aggressive waters, the high sides allow the boat to get through much more dangerous situations if the happen to arise. Between the ease of which the 16’ High Side slides across the water and their ability to safely get the occupants through rough water other boats wouldn’t dream of running, the Clackacraft 16’ High Side is the ultimate white water drift boat on the market.

16’ High Side Specifications
Gunwales: 17’ 8”
Centerline: 16’ 3”  
Beam: 85 ½”
Oar Lock Height: 32”
Bottom Width: 57”
Side Height: 30”
Weight: Appx. 335 lbs.
Motor Rating: 10 H.P.
Factory Price: $8,850
Special Sale Price $8,295

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