Flyout fishing trips add yet another element to the plethora of options you can explore when you fish with Alaskan Fishing Adventures on the Kenai Peninsula. In addition to Seward multi-species saltwater adventures, Kenai River freshwater charters, and Homer saltwater excursions, Alaskan Fishing Adventures offers flyout freshwater trips as part of their angling menu. We’ve seen it first hand—flying out to the Kustatan River to catch silvers—when we enjoyed an action-packed four days while fishing and staying at Soldotna B & B Trophy Lodge. 

flyout fishing trip

Flyout fishing trips are each special events. The flight out to the destination is part of the event; both the thrill of the floatplane and amazing views it provides. Once on location, you can expect predictably solid fishing, as well as the adrenaline rush from venturing into wild places. Where there’s salmon, there are often bears, so seeing bears is a distinct possibility if you choose to fish for salmon. Part of the attraction of this option for anglers is not only the chance at catching salmon, as well as the potential to go to destinations that hold Arctic grayling, northern pike and rainbow trout, but also the adventure to be found in rugged places. We’d certainly recommend that you consider dedicating one day of your stay to one of these flyout fishing trips. 

flyout fishing tripFlyout fishing trips from Alaskan Fishing Adventures include Wolverine Creek, Kustatan River, Chuitna River, and Crescent Lake. Among the possible species to target are sockeye salmon, coho salmon, rainbow trout, Arctic grayling and northern pike. When you book your trip with Alaskan Fishing Adventures, talk with them about the species you want to catch and they can help you figure out the best option for you. 

Alaskan Fishing Adventures works with Alaska West Air to coordinate flyout fishing trips. They have many  years of experience in flying anglers around the region, and have cultivated a solid range of locations that allow anglers to target a nice range of species. From pitching spinners to feisty coho, to stripping Woolly Buggers to hungry grayling, or retrieving topwater baits past northern pike primed to ambush, Alaska West Air can put you in position to catch wild fish in wild places. 

flyout fishing trip

Alaskan Fishing Adventures offers the full gamut of options for visiting anglers. Saltwater adventures from Homer and Seward, river charters on the Kenai River, and a range of flyout fishing trips are all on offer when you come stay with Alaskan Fishing Adventures on the Kenai Peninsula. Great accommodations, excellent dining, and friendly staff, combined with awesome angling, make a trip with Alaskan Fishing Adventures an event you will want to plan on an annual basis.